Mission 511 Report
November 2017

This is a report for Mission 511 by Grace on Wings.

Departure:  Dayton, Ohio
Gardner, Kansas
November 2, 2017

Mission Report

56 year old Terri and her parents have been living in Dayton while her only sibling Tami lives in Kansas. Recently they decided it was time to move near Tami and her husband Jim. Shortly before the move Terri became ill and has been hospitalized ever since. 
We were contacted by the hospital and asked if we could help get her to Kansas. Her family has been desperately trying to get her there for quite some time. We are so happy to be able to help this family.

It is a cool misty overcast morning in Indy as we take-off however, once we are above the clouds the sun is shining brightly. Our flight to Dayton is short.

We enter Terri’s room to find her lying in her bed as her nurse continues to get things ready for her trip. She is frail in appearance, her hair is thinning and she is wearing glasses. 

She is holding her little golden colored stuffed dog she calls Oscar. We definitely do not want to leave him behind. The staff her are extremely helpful and caring. They have been Terri’s substitute family for some time now.

Our ride back to the airport is a little long and when we arrive Hal and Don are waiting for us. Hal prays over Terri and we place her along with Oscar on board Abe. Terri did pretty well with her flight beside being a little impatient, which is understandable. She did ask several times how much longer we had. 
Initially Oscar sat on the cardiac monitor and watched over her eventually making his way into her arms. 
Each time we did anything for her she politely thanked us. She snuggled with Oscar the entire flight.

At last we have landed in Kansas and Terri is very happy as we remind her that soon she will see her family. 
Our ambulance trip at this end is much quicker and when we arrive at the new facility we are greeted by her sweet parents and brother-in-law Jim. Jim stands to introduce himself and explains that Tami will be here a little later. He and her parents are ecstatic to have her finally near them.

The staff here seem very kind and quite helpful as we place Terri into bed. We prayed with her and told her we would go and get her family. As we head down the hallway the staff have escorted Terri’s family to a small waiting area and we stop to say goodbye to them as well on our way out. They verbally thanked us for getting Terri there however their smiles filled with appreciation spoke volumes.


Thank you to Hal, Jason and Don for sharing this mission with me.


Shelli Engle RN

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