Mission 415 Report
July 2016

This is a report for Mission 415 by Grace on Wings.

Departure:  Columbia, Missouri

Arrival:  Indianapolis, Indiana

Date:  July 24, 2016

Mission Report

63 year old Carol and her husband Jeff have been married for 27 years, they are both from the accounting world which is how they met initially. They have 3 daughters and several grandchildren as well, all living here in Indiana. Jeff and Carol were vacationing in Branson when they were involved in a car accident about a month ago. Carol had many fractures and required multiple surgeries. Jeff has been by her side during this time. She is finally able to make the trip back home and the two of them are very ready, they miss their family.

It is late in the afternoon when we enter Carol’s hospital room and we find her sitting in a special chair that she has been lifted and placed into. Jeff rises immediately to greet us. Carol is small and fragile but smiling and anxious to make the flight. With the help of many she is gently lifted from the chair and placed onto the cot. 
Jeff has several bags packed and quickly gets them all scooped up as the staff places them on a cart in effort to make it easier for him to get them to the car. He will be driving back to Indiana. He leans in for one last kiss before we whisk Carol off.

We return to the airport and prior to boarding Nellie, Hal prays for a safe flight and healing for Carol. Unfortunately during our flight we were unable to have conversation with Carol due to the fact that she had a cervical collar on to protect her neck. 
We had to use earplugs to protect her from noise as opposed to our usual headsets. 
A little nervous during takeoff Carol reached for a hand to hold and Danny was happy to do just that. The flight was short, only 1 hour and she was able to enjoy her window seat. At last we are on the ground again, this time in her home state. She thanked Hal for the smooth flight as he passed by.
The drive to the rehab center was short and thank goodness there were no traffic issues, with the Brickyard Race just getting finished here in Indianapolis, we weren’t sure what to expect. As we enter the rehab center, there waiting are 2 of her daughters and her adorable little grandson. He is sleeping peacefully and appears quite content, not yet aware that his grandma is home. Again with much assistance we gently lift Carol into bed and she can no longer contain her emotions.

Tears began to spill out of her eyes and flow down her cheeks as her daughters are hugging her. They too have tears of joy flowing from their own eyes as they turn to hug us as well and thank us for getting their mom home. It was such a joy to be a part of this sweet reunion. We gathered and prayed again asking God for healing and for travel safety for Jeff as he was still driving. Carol promised to come and visit us at our hangar when she is back on her feet and able. We are looking forward to that.


Thank you to Hal and Danny for sharing this mission with me and to all of you who faithfully continue to pray for our ministry.

Special thank you to Heartland Ambulance service who are gracious enough to donate their services here in Indiana it is truly a blessing to our patients.

Many blessings

Shelli Engle RN

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