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Memphis, Tennessee


Indianapolis, Indiana

Thursday September 6, 2012

Mission Report

Baby Lynaei was born in Indy by C-section in January when her mom became critically ill. She was only 27 weeks-full term would have been 40 weeks.

She was only as big as a hand and weighed less than a can of soup. She was placed on ventilator and began the fight to live. The awesome NICU team at St. Vincent Indianapolis has continued to provide critical care she needs.

Her mom’s family is all from Memphis area and she has traveled between the two areas as able to help get her 12 year old son back to school. She longed to have her baby there with her family.

Grace on Wings wonderful volunteers that do NICU care and transport full time at St. Vincent began to tell the doctors that they thought Lynaei may have a way to get home. The nurses say she lives between crisis so the timing and preparation was critical.

As we prepared for flight, we trialed her on our transport ventilator. As she has done in the past-when she tries to have bowel movement she sometimes will “clamp down” and not breathe-this happened during our trial-she turned blue and had to be resuscitated. She also began having thicker airway secretions and the chances to get her home were fading.

I rallied all the prayer warriors I could and spoke to the mom the day before we were supposed to fly-to reassure her. I’d been told that afternoon by the case worker “she may just be too sick to ever travel.”

Morning of flight I heard she was doing well and they were going to let her go with a neonatal doctor with us in the ambulance to the ride to the airport to be sure she looked good to fly.

Lord kept her safe and we prayed over her and loaded her onto aircraft. She remained stable except for one episode during flight in which her oxygen level dropped, but she fought through it with help from Matt RT and Katie RN. We arrived safely to an overwhelmed mom in Memphis. She couldn’t believe the transport had actually happened and praised God!

The flight was filmed by Teresa Mackin of WISH TV-who did an expert job of showing what our mission does with the strength of our almighty God!

Thank you to all of the many people involved in getting “baby LaLa” home and especially for the many prayers spoken for the transport. Thanks to Mike Owens RT/RN who has been an awesome volunteer for us for years and for having the vision to get her home. Thanks to St Vincent Neonatal Critical Care Team for providing the ambulance ride and for St. Vincent for making the donation needed to cover our aircraft expense.

Thanks most of all to the precious team of pilots Hal and Mike, respiratory therapist Matt, nurse Katie and ground flight follower Mike for being the “hands and feet of Jesus.”



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