Faced with a recent tragedy and in a very vulnerable situation, we had little emotional energy left- the last thing we wanted to do was to pour over competitive bids. But we did- and most bids were close to the same price….Then a bright light- answered prayer! My cousin had heard of Grace on Wings through a colleague- so I immediately contacted them. From that first point of contact, (with Shelli) there was a noticeable difference between Grace on Wings and other transport companies. And that difference carried all the way through until Nate was safely wheeled in to his new short term rehab home.

These are highly trained and skilled professionals giving their time and talents to make a difference in people’s lives. Their communication with us was always reassuring, detailed, personal, and transparent. They made sure we completely understood what Nate’s transport would look like- from pickup to delivery, what each charge would be, and how they would take care of Nate each step of the way.

We tracked Nate’s flight with an app that Shelli forwarded to us, and met them at the rehab facility- what GOW provides is DOOR to DOOR service that goes above and beyond. They gave Nate a blanket that had been donated to their organization before they left, and asked to pray for Nate. Since that day, I have received a Thank You note, 2 phone calls, and a couple of emails asked how Nate is progressing.

During the past 40 days, we have seen God’s hand at work in sparing Nate’s life, leading his recovery, and in many that have used their gifts to help him heal. Grace on Wings was and is a bright light during that difficult time for Nate and our family. It is as though they answer to a higher calling- and they do!

Though we only met with the flight crew briefly, we felt like we had known them for a long time. We are grateful and indebted for their work they did for Nate, and us.

God Bless you guys! And keep up the great work!

Matt Michael