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Baltimore, Maryland

Dallas, Texas

September 3, 2010

Mission Report

Edie B is a 61 year old retired nurse who was in Baltimore with her husband, Bill, who is an insurance agent. He was there since this past March for inspections after a huge snow storm. He said he never leaves his home state of Texas for business without his loving wife. In May while making his breakfast at the hotel, she began to ask him a question and the words wouldn’t come out right. Soon it cleared and she was speaking normally. He insisted she be seen by a doctor and later in the day while traveling to the ER, it happened again. She was admitted for an acute stroke and despite thinning her blood, she had 7 more incidents. All of the damage left her in a comatose state.

Bill never left her side but after 12 weeks the doctors said they’ve done all they can and he should think about taking her home. He and his daughters vowed to not put her in a nursing home, so they were instructed in caring for her (involving trache care, suctioning, peg tube feedings and positioning and hygiene). Wow- what a large undertaking for a family, but they felt they needed to do this for the Mom/Wife that had taken such good care of them.

With fears of the hurricane stranding them, they pushed for us to be able to pick her up early Friday. We arrived to a windy but overcast sky at John Hopkins and as I helped to gather their supplies, I noticed their instructions manual for the family was titled, “To Texas or Bust!”. The whole family was so supportive and Bill was the first passenger on Nellie that brought his own bible on board.

The flight was one of our longest and we had to stop in Indy for refueling. Edie was not responsive but seemed comfortable. She held her right arm up at times and appeared to be painting along with tapping her right foot. Bill enjoyed listening to the radio traffic and commented that he was completely surprised how much communication it took to travel via aircraft.

Bill was in tears when we finally landed in Dallas-7 hours later. He’d finally brought his sweet wife home.

Our prayers are with Edie and her family for God’s continual blessing.



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