Mission 206

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Tulsa, Oklahoma


Nashville, Tennessee

Saturday September 1, 2012

Mission Report

Blake C is a 22 years old. He has dealt with drug addiction problems for past 8 years and finally in the last rehab center, rededicated his life to Christ and has been clean for 2 years. He moved from his home in Cookeville, Tennessee to Tulsa to attend Bible school and play for there basketball team. When he arrived last week, he began to feel very fatigued and even went to the local ER after feeling short of breath and they told him he probably has a virus and to rest, etc.

He ended up passing out a few days later and went to the local doctor who ordered some blood tests which came back with critical low values for his white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets. They hospitalized him for tests to try to find out what was causing his blood lines to fail. It was still most likely an infection but they also considered leukemia and lymphoma.

After biopsy of his bone marrow, it was found that he was very sick with leukemia-a cancer that takes over the normal formation of blood cells. This left his body with little ability to fight infection or carry oxygen or clot. He needed to get home to begin chemotherapy and his family searched for a way to make this happen.

They initially thought about trying to get him onto a commercial flight but he was just too sick. Then his father’s employer told them about Grace on Wings and after a short delay for weather (hurricane Isaac) we were off to get him. We arrived bedside and he was pale and sweaty. His nurse was giving him some medication for his back pain and nausea. He was weak and hadn’t eaten in over two days.

Before we left the hospital room-his father asked if we could pray over him and we all gathered and prayed. We loaded him into the ambulance and he tolerated the ground part well.

We gathered and prayed again over him before loading him onto the aircraft. He said normally he would have been very excited to fly but he was just too weak and sick.

We let him sleep during the flight and God was gracious to part the weather to allow us safety in flying. We arrived back near his home into Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville and we tucked him in.

We pray that he will stay strong during this treatment and the Lord will grant him a cure from this cancer.

Thanks for great day from medic Scott and pilots Hal and Mark, and Bob for flight following.



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