Mission 152

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Indianapolis, Indiana

Minneapolis St.Paul, Minnesota

Monday October 3, 2011

Mission Report

Austin F. is a 27 year old veteran who was in a very serious car accident in Bloomington, IN. He was in a convertible that flipped multiple times. Austin had done two tours of duty overseas as an Army sniper, and decided it was time to change course a little bit and get an education. He was studying to become an environmental activist at IU Bloomington.

Immediately after the accident Austin was transferred from a Bloomington hospital to Methodist, and after becoming stabilized he was then transferred to the VA in Indianapolis, IN. Austin has been in a coma since his accident.

He is not responsive at this time, but does become agitated when his sedation medication wears off. Austin was sedated at the hospital upon arrival to ensure that the ambulance ride and subsequent flight did not startle him. Austin’s mother, who has been by his side since the day of the accident, worries that he doesn’t realize that he has been in an accident, but that he thinks he is still overseas and has been captured.

Austin was transferred to the Minneapolis VA, where there is a top-notch coma awakening program for veterans. Austin’s two and a half hour flight was uneventful. He did not appear to be startled or anxious during the flight, but was able to rest comfortably with the help of scheduled sedatives. Austin’s mother also said that she enjoyed the flight and caught a little cat nap while listening to music compliments of DJ Hal.

Once landing in Minneapolis, and after waiting for the ambulance to make the trip to the correct airport, Austin’s temporary home was only a short ambulance ride away. Austin was registered and taken to his new room. His mother was extremely grateful, and promises to send updates on his status.

God Bless,

Kim Locke, RN

Austin’s Mother said that he was a great shot as an army sniper and a true gift to our fight, but after two tours of duty-“was tired of seeing his friends get killed”. She had noticed when he’d call her from overseas-he was always intoxicated. His drinking didn’t stop when he finally got home last year and he had come back a different person.

She thought it was his way of dealing with all the painful memories he had and that it would improve. In fact it did improve around her and he finally accepted that Jesus was his redeemer and confessed he had died for him.

This was only a few months before his severe accident where his face and head was crushed. Was the accident due on part to his mental impairment-psychologically or alcohol? We don’t know. I do see that there is a huge price to our freedom here in the US and I’m so thankful for our soldiers.

Back here in the US we take our freedom and safety for granted but no one is guaranteed another day on earth-here in “disneyland” or over in the battle fields-are you ready if your called tomorrow to meet your maker?

Thanks to great crew of Hal, Bryce, Kim, Glenn and Bob.

We pray for Austin’s peace.



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