Mission 135

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Orlando, Florida

Dallas, Texas

Monday June 27, 2011

Mission Report

Mike B is a 26 year old from Orlando who was in a rollover SUV accident in which he was ejected from the vehicle and suffered severe head injury. He was unresponsive and not breathing at the accident seen. It was the only car involved and no one is sure what caused the accident. His dad John who lives in Orlando recalls getting “that knock at the door by the state police officer”. He said it was the worst day of his life. He remembers bonding with an other family at the ICU whose daughter was also in a freak accident and he said “there was a whole lot of praying going on those days”.

Mike’s half skull was removed to allow for swelling and they were not sure if he would ever “wake up”. His mom and sister who lived in Dallas came to be by his side. After 3 weeks he began to respond and make eye contact. His mom and dad decided he would be best served by a rehab facility in Dallas but his insurance would not cover the flight.

Grace on Wings was called into help and we arrived bedside on Tuesday. Nursing said they had given him some sedation for flight because he tends to pull on iv/trache/monitor leads etc. His dad was there to fly with us and many family and friends where there to see him off. Arriving at Nellie, we prayed over him and loaded him onto the plane.

While flying toward Dallas, we encountered huge thunder clouds. We watched the radar and GPS weather system closely to pick out the right path. God graciously protected us and opened several pathways to get through the storms. John said he amazingly felt “safe” through the trip.

We landed safely in Dallas onto a 100 degree tarmac. With no awaiting ground ambulance-I immediately called the company (the one we scheduled because his insurance said they would pay for). I was told the ambulance was there. 5 minutes went by and I called back and let the dispatch speak to the ground crew to be sure they had the right address. 10 more minutes passed and I again called and had the ground ambulance call for an escort into the airport. Finally after 30min we had to open the aircraft door and bring Mike toward the door to get some air. I had never had this happen before. I called again and they said “they were lost” and at unknown location. We then made the decision to call “911” and get airport EMS involved. They arrived 10 minutes later-55 minutes after our landing and initially were rather “stand-offish” about taking us. I pleaded with them to at least get Mike into their truck to cool him off. They then agreed to take us.

Surprisingly they said they’ve had many air ambulances land there and not have a receiving facility lined up. These companies “just dump the patients” onto the Dallas hospital system. We assured them we had a receiving rehab. Along the way we ended up on the wrong side of town-lost. But as God would have it-it gave us time to let them know about our ministry and mission. After finally arriving at the rehab-to a very happy mom, we prayed over Mike and said goodbye-Mike made wonderful eye contact and gave a smile.

The EMS crew then insisted that we meet the rest of their “family” at the station. We were able to share with all of them our ministry and even left with some awesome peach cobbler! Amazing how God enables circumstances that happen to glorify Him-if we are just open to it. Instead of being frustrated and angry and anxious when things don’t go how we want them, we should take a step back and remember the One in charge.

Thanks to our Lord and Savior for His hedge of protection and allowing us to serve Mike and his family during this very difficult time.



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