Words cannot express how grateful we are for your service, and the professional crew who cared for little Katie during her flight on Nellie from Chattanooga, TN (Erlanger) to Baltimore, MD (Kennedy Krieger Inst). When you prayed for the flight & and our baby girl on the runway- we felt the spirit of God.

Katie was in a horrific auto accident – that left her with a severe brain injury, blood clot and stroke, plus C1 & C2 broken and spinal cord stretched. We are asking for continued prayers for Princess Katie- we expect nothing less than a miracle and know God is in control.

Without Grace on Wings – Katie wouldn’t be able to go for rehab, as ground travel 12-13 hrs would be impossible. We consider you “our angels” and will be calling again soon – to get Katie back home in East TN. God Bless Grace on Wings.

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Katie Barkley