My father, Robert (Bob) Lamb was transported by Grace on Wings from Prescott, Arizona to Traverse City, Michigan on July 10, 2015. I am writing to express my family’s sincere appreciation for the loving and professional care that Dad received while in flight and for all the flight preparation assistance that was provided to me. I wish that I could recognize you all by name, but each person had a positive impact on Dad’s transport and comfort. My thankfulness extends to each responsibility at Grace on Wings, including pilot, health professionals, faith leaders, and financial managers.

In Arizona, Dad sustained two compression fractures in his back, which caused him extreme pain accompanied with total loss of the use of his legs.

His inpatient treatment facility ruled, and rightfully so, that Dad could not return home to Traverse City on a commercial flight. And, as God has done so many times in my life families life, He stepped in and brought us to Grace on Wings. Today, Dad is in Traverse City, his hometown, at a wonderful assisted living home. His pain is significantly more controlled, and my mom visit him daily.

I want to specifically mentioned some individuals who flew with Dad and who assisted with all the arrangements for Dad’s medical transportation fight, including Shelli and Chris who flew with Dad; and Mike and Lisa who answered so many phone calls.

And I cannot conclude this letter of appreciation without praising and thanking Jesus Christ for bringing us all together. Your Christ-like faith and dedication exudes from each of you. I know you have several prayer sessions for and with Dad, I was able to be present at this assisted living home in Traverse City where we – Dad’s family, Grace on Wings volunteers, and the homes owner – thanked God for safety and prayed for Dad’s health.

Afterwards, the homes owner pulled me aside and stated that she was so appreciative of our open display of faith in God and that she hoped for God’s tugging of the hearts of her staff who are not yet believers.

From me and my family, thank you for the outstanding services and witness provided by all of you at Grace on Wings.


Elden Lamb