A short time ago I was blessed to have the opportunity to work with Grace On Wings as they ministered with skill and love to get a young new mom who had suffered a debilitating stroke closer to her family.

In EMS we see so much devastation, gore, hardship. It’s easy to become hardened, complacent, and numb. Easy to forget that each person you interact with is a LIFE and a SOUL created in Christ, and for whatever reason God has arranged for YOU to be present in that persons life at that particular time for HIS reasons.

I was touched so deeply by the love and care the entire flight crew gave to this woman, to the staff, to us as we transported the crew to the hospital…and the patient as we transported her to the airport. Not only did they minister to her…they ministered to my very weary heart. May God bless this organization and each member exceedingly and abundantly. And may God give the family in this story the strength and answers they need.

Thank you for all you do Grace on Wings!

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