"Each of you has received a gift to use to serve others. Be good servants of God's various gifts of Grace" (1 Peter 4:10)



God is working every day, every minute through Grace on Wings ministry.


Here are a few stories from the families, friends, and patients who have been served by Grace on Wings.

Praise and thanks to Grace on Wings (Mission 507)

Words seem inadequate to truly convey the depth of appreciation our family has for the Grace on Wings organization who made it possible for my 86 year old parents to return to Kentucky from South Dakota in just a few hours. After a freak accident on the eve of what was to be his 38th consecutive pheasant hunt, my dad suffered a broken hip and was completely immobile. The day after the accident, my mom flew by herself to be with her husband of 67 years and thankfully reached the hospital many long stressful hours later.


Before the possibility of a direct medically attended flight was proffered, all of us were scrambling to clear our schedules in order to try to cover what we foresaw as an extended stay in South Dakota since Dad couldn't make the 900 mile trip back home in his condition. And everyone at the hospital and back home knew that he wasn't going anywhere without my mom beside him. Of course, the bottom line we all agreed would be to do what was best for Dad.


Because of your servant hearts and your organization's mission, we were offered a way to do what was best for both of our parents and best for the rest of us as well.


From the time we first contacted you until you were at Dad's bedside in Kentucky praying with my family, I felt we were all part of a miracle. The professionalism and competence you all displayed put our family completely at ease and conveyed the comforting feeling that prayers were being answered.


Truly we witnessed the faithfulness of God as He worked through Grace on Wings. We will always be grateful for this great blessing.




Betty Davidson - Mission 501

Grace on Wings was truly an answer to prayer. My mother, who is 89 years old, fell and the fall put into place a number of medical problems that required hospitalization and rehab. As she was nearing the end of the rehab stay my brother and I knew we had to make some decisions. Our mother lives in Tennessee, my brother in Georgia, and I live in Virginia and it was obvious she could no longer live alone and needed to live near family to help manage the continuing medical problems.


Moving her to Virginia meant a two-day car trip which we knew she could not tolerate. After finding Grace on Wings on the internet my brother contacted Shelli and immediately we knew our prayers had been answered. Shelli and the entire team could not have been more gracious, caring, efficient or professional. Even the discharge planner at the hospital commented about how easy it was to work with Shelli and how she knew exactly the right information to ask for.


We were more excited to learn my brother could accompany our mother on the flight to Virginia. On the day of the flight my brother sent pictures of the jet, some in-flight pictures, and Shelli called to let me know they had landed. I was able to meet my mother with the Grace on Wings crew at the facility where she is continuing to receive rehab. Meeting Shelli and Hal was like meeting old friends.


Before they left they read Scripture and had prayer with us. I thank God for the men and women who established this ministry and for those who continue it's very valuable mission today. Thank you for sharing the gifts God gave you with others!


Susan Stone



My mother: Rita Robb - Mission 487

My mother turned 75 this year, and we as a family wanted to bless her with a trip to the Bahamas. We arrived on June 5th to Nassau and on June 6th, my mother fell from a 3 foot ledge onto her head first and then onto her back. She could not move her arms or legs and it took an hour and a half just to get to the local hospital. She initially was not breathing, but God placed the right people/angels around her and worked miracle after miracle the entire time.


Once we were care-flighted to Miami Florida, she underwent cervical fusion on C1 and C2. 43 days at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami Florida and then another amazing miracle - we found out about Grace on Wings!!!!. Our family was running out of resources just to fly from Ohio to Miami to stay with my mother. She needed 24 hour care from her family to help the nursing staff with eating, drinking and helping motivate her through intensive physical therapy.


Our families resources were running out and the stresses were adding up. Grace on Wings allowed my mother to be flown from Miami Florida to her home town of Athens, Ohio to continue her therapy and to have all the resources and family close by. God answered our prayers! What a beautiful organization led by God!  


My mother was overwhelmed with gratitude and relief as the Grace on Wings staff came to take her home. They prayed with her and over the flight, and it was like being held by angels the entire time for her.


We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, that you are providing such an amazing ministry. May God pour His Favor over your Staff, Ministry and Finances! We will ever be grateful - The Robb Family


To God be the Glory





Wonderful Experience

It was a wonderful experience using your service.


Everything was made easy and as trouble free as possible by the staff. I would recommend using you to anyone in need of such service. Thank You again on behalf of my family.


Jerry Silberman


Mission for my Brother

Faced with a recent tragedy and in a very vulnerable situation, we had little emotional energy left- the last thing we wanted to do was to pour over competitive bids. But we did- and most bids were close to the same price....Then a bright light- answered prayer! My cousin had heard of Grace on Wings through a colleague- so I immediately contacted them. From that first point of contact, (with Shelli) there was a noticeable difference between Grace on Wings and other transport companies. And that difference carried all the way through until Nate was safely wheeled in to his new short term rehab home.


These are highly trained and skilled professionals giving their time and talents to make a difference in people's lives. Their communication with us was always reassuring, detailed, personal, and transparent. They made sure we completely understood what Nate's transport would look like- from pickup to delivery, what each charge would be, and how they would take care of Nate each step of the way.


We tracked Nate's flight with an app that Shelli forwarded to us, and met them at the rehab facility- what GOW provides is DOOR to DOOR service that goes above and beyond. They gave Nate a blanket that had been donated to their organization before they left, and asked to pray for Nate. Since that day, I have received a Thank You note, 2 phone calls, and a couple of emails asked how Nate is progressing.


During the past 40 days, we have seen God's hand at work in sparing Nate's life, leading his recovery, and in many that have used their gifts to help him heal. Grace on Wings was and is a bright light during that difficult time for Nate and our family. It is as though they answer to a higher calling- and they do!


Though we only met with the flight crew briefly, we felt like we had known them for a long time. We are grateful and indebted for their work they did for Nate, and us.


God Bless you guys! And keep up the great work!


Matt Michael


So thankful to be the recipients of Grace on Wings help!

So thankful to be the recipients of Grace on Wings help! Mick was injured in FL and was determined nearer home was where he needed to be for rehab. He was not able to fly commercially, or withstand 20 hours of ground transportation. We are exceedingly thankful to have found Grace on Wings! The entire staff was so supportive, kind and thoughtful. It was a blessing in our time of need. Mick is progressing in rehab and very thankful our paths crossed.


Gale Brooks





Dear Friends...

Just a note to express our appreciation to each one of those who make Grace on Wings such a vital ministry, using your advanced skills to fulfill God's Kingdom work is such a blessing to those who are in great need of this service.


We wish it could be more, but please use this small donation whee needed.


In Jesus Love,


Jim + Juanita Mabie




Brenda Estes (Mission 441)

Brenda was a strong independent lady who 18 months ago moved from her hometown of Norfolk, VA to Spokane, WA to be the Executive Director of a non profit that serves the deaf and hard of hearing community (she is deaf herself). After suffering atleast 4 strokes in a 6 week window and a prognosis of 3 months to live we knew it was important to get my mom Brenda Estes from Spokane, WA to Indianapolis, IN where my family lives so we could be near her and help her fight to prove the doctors wrong.


From the first conversation with Shelli all the way through the time she arrived at the facility outside of Indianapolis I knew God was at work through the wonderful folks at Grace on Wings. I could go on for days of how much Shelli helped me through the whole process step by step and handled the coordination with the facilities as well as helped keep my mom comfortable on the flight, Or Jason and the compassion he showed my mom while she was strapped in on Nellie trying to help ease the small bouts of discomfort my mom had. My mom still says everytime she gets some discomfort, Where's Jason when I need him. And we cant forget Hal, His love for the lord and his ability to fly Nellie with a special touch to help keep the ride as smooth and comfortable as possible for the patient and family is an art that few can master but for Hal it is just another day at the office. Again I could go on for days but at the end of the day I am forever grateful for the folks at Grace on Wings and the love and support they have shown my mom and my family. They are true servants of the lord and through him anything is possible.



For Juanita (Mission 438)

My sister Juanita, from Kentucky, is currently suffering from stage 4 kidney cancer. One her last wishes was to spend her remaining time in New York with her family. She could not sit nor stand properly anymore, making a long distance trip by land ambulance impossible. Apart from this, problems with her finances prevented her from most available air services.


Thank the Lord that He led us to Grace On Wings. Not only did they help us physically but as well as spiritually. With their care and support, Shelli, Jason, Hal and Mike were able to show God's grace which hold their name.


May God guide them towards more opportunities to help others in their time of needs.


Grace On Wings will always be remembered.


 Jean Siy Ko



Anthony Stephens

My son is a resident of Seattle, he came on vacation to see his family in Daytona Beach, FL on August 4th 2016 and two days later his family was struck by a drunk driver. His family was OK however Anthony suffered a broken neck. He spent 75 days in our hospital. Thank God for Grace on Wings!


He needed to go to the spinal institute in Seattle. Grace on Wings is a blessing, the kindness shown during this traumatic time was in our lives shows us that there are good people in this world. Thank you Shelli and crew for treating my son with dignity and showing him God's love. May God continue to bless you all.


 Thanks from the bottom of my heart.


Catherine Gillespie


So thankful for the service you provided!

We are so thankful for the service you provided to fly us home from Rochester, MN after surgery. It would have been impossible to fly commercial for some time after such an extensive surgery. We were relieved to find that we were with people of faith who prayed with us, after the ordeal we had been through. We thank you for your flight service, but also for your prayers and friendship. We were much in need of all of this at the time we were with you.


We are doing well, and hope that others in need of your services will be led to you for your expert flight knowledge, but also for your faith and comfort.



Elaine and Dave


Grace on Wings

From the moment our family called we knew we made the right decision by using Grace on Wings. They handled everything for us. Took our worries away and were beyond professional. They made a dream come true for our father closest to us and with his inability to board a regular plane Grace on Wings made it happen!


Cindy Capalbo


Mission Reports

I first read about Grace on Wings in our church newsletter, and was drawn to check out their website to learn more. What an amazing God-centered ministry! If you want to start your day with a real blessing, read one of Shelli's Mission Reports.


She has the gift of describing each journey, from beginning to end, in a way that will make you feel like you know the patients, their families, and their caregivers in such a way that you'll want to add them all to your prayer list! Grace on Wings is making a huge difference in the lives of people who are critically ill or injured, while giving God all the glory in the process!


May God bless everyone at Grace on Wings!


Julie Patterson


Flight 400 (Mission 400)

Thank you Mike and Shelli for all your hard work and dedication to all the patients you serve. Your professionalism and knowledge along with your patience and guidance were so very appreciated. May God bless you in every endeavor!


Anne Roberts



Ted Smith flight 397. 5-13-16 (Mission 397)

Ted has been a Rotarian for 20 years, he has been a member of Eastern Shore Chapel for 30 years. Circumstances left Ted a thousand miles from his sister and family in Dupage Il. At 78 Ted wanted to be with his family as his health was poor.


His Rotary friends and the church formed a partnership with the family so the expense was acceptable.


Ted's flight was a huge success and he is home now where his life will be much better. Shelly Engle and Hal Blank, who said a prayer as they loaded Ted were warm loving Christian people and they are doing Gods work.



Phil Wellman












Thank you so much for all you have done...(Mission 370)

Thank you so much for all you have done to get our mother, Shirley Thomas, home to our loving arms. God be with you on your flight tomorrow morning. Don't know what we would have done with out wonderful people like you. Friends in Christ.


Sherry Mohler


We are forever indebted to you... (Mission 369)

Hi Shelli, Chris and Mike,


I just wanted to say thank you to you and the team at Grace On Wings. We are so grateful that we found you. My mother couldn't stop saying how comfortable Shelli and Chris made the flight not only for Cory but for her as well. She thought you both were outstanding. And hats off the pilots as she said it was the best flight she has ever taken from North Carolina to Maine. Words can't express how greatful we are to you all, hopefully you got a sense of our appreciation at the reception you received when you arrived at Cory's home in Maine. We are forever indebted to you for your kindness.


Thank you for everything,



Thank you for flying Maysie Madison (Mission 364)

Thank you for flying Maysie Madison to Mayo. Maysie is my grandaughter. The Lord is really using you with your great talents and love!! Stephanie, her mother, said you were all great and full of Love!!


Barb Emery 

Thank you Grace on Wings for flying my daughter and I, Maysie Madison to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota! You guys thought of everything! For what could have been stressful, you all made it so easy! Thank you and may God bless all of you in each and every mission!


Stephanie Madison


I have all the faith that God is looking down! (Mission 361)

I personally wanted to thank Grace on Wings and their flight crew for transporting a very special little girl and her mother, Stephanie. I have had the pleasure of transporting this child and her mother a few times and I just have a place in my heart for this family.


As a mother and grandmother, I see the hope and love in this families eyes and they are probably the most worthy of families to have this kind of help.


Their deep faith and love has kept a family together in a crisis which would break most families up. I have all the faith that God is looking down on them today and this week as they seek answers in this puzzle. Thank you again.


I look forward to working with the crew on her return trip to Michigan!




Dominica Pelshaw
Beaumont Medical Transportation


Greetings from The Sybesma Family (Mission 360)

November 18, 2015


Greetings from The Sybesma Family,


I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the people that were involved with my recovery from my accident. Although the event was severe, my recovery to this point has been somewhat remarkable. My doctors in Colorado said “it is not unheard of, but it is extremely rare”. Considering where I was, both physically and mentally, compared to where I am now, I am very happy with my condition. I do, of course realize, still have a bit of the way to go. However I hope to keep making quick progress.


Michelle was extraordinary and I would not now be this far along without her. To be honest, your interest and involvement was nearly as important. I had the chance to read all the comments and they were very nice. So thanks once again.


Bryan Sybesma


It was a pleasure working with you all! (Mission 359)

Shelli, Hal, Chet, Mike and Matt,



With much happiness I'm reporting the move of my father, Dwight Crim, to Kilgore TX is very rewarding for him.


Your expertise in handling his move was evident from the first phone contact to wheels down at mission end.


Being close to my sister has done wonders for his mental stimulation and physical condition.


My sister and brother-in-law have access to a van with wheelchair lift and have been taking dad on outings that often involve ice cream, much to his delight.


It was a pleasure working with you all. Thank you for your professional competence and caring attention to dad's well being.


Wendell Crim


Thank you for all you do Grace on Wings! (Mission 358)

A short time ago I was blessed to have the opportunity to work with Grace On Wings as they ministered with skill and love to get a young new mom who had suffered a debilitating stroke closer to her family.


In EMS we see so much devastation, gore, hardship. It's easy to become hardened, complacent, and numb. Easy to forget that each person you interact with is a LIFE and a SOUL created in Christ, and for whatever reason God has arranged for YOU to be present in that persons life at that particular time for HIS reasons.


I was touched so deeply by the love and care the entire flight crew gave to this woman, to the staff, to us as we transported the crew to the hospital...and the patient as we transported her to the airport. Not only did they minister to her...they ministered to my very weary heart. May God bless this organization and each member exceedingly and abundantly. And may God give the family in this story the strength and answers they need.


Thank you for all you do Grace on Wings!


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Thank you for the outstanding services (Mission 350)


My father, Robert (Bob) Lamb was transported by Grace on Wings from Prescott, Arizona to Traverse City, Michigan on July 10, 2015. I am writing to express my family's sincere appreciation for the loving and professional care that Dad received while in flight and for all the flight preparation assistance that was provided to me. I wish that I could recognize you all by name, but each person had a positive impact on Dad's transport and comfort. My thankfulness extends to each responsibility at Grace on Wings, including pilot, health professionals, faith leaders, and financial managers.


In Arizona, Dad sustained two compression fractures in his back, which caused him extreme pain accompanied with total loss of the use of his legs.


His inpatient treatment facility ruled, and rightfully so, that Dad could not return home to Traverse City on a commercial flight. And, as God has done so many times in my life families life, He stepped in and brought us to Grace on Wings. Today, Dad is in Traverse City, his hometown, at a wonderful assisted living home. His pain is significantly more controlled, and my mom visit him daily.


I want to specifically mentioned some individuals who flew with Dad and who assisted with all the arrangements for Dad's medical transportation fight, including Shelli and Chris who flew with Dad; and Mike and Lisa who answered so many phone calls.


And I cannot conclude this letter of appreciation without praising and thanking Jesus Christ for bringing us all together. Your Christ-like faith and dedication exudes from each of you. I know you have several prayer sessions for and with Dad, I was able to be present at this assisted living home in Traverse City where we - Dad's family, Grace on Wings volunteers, and the homes owner - thanked God for safety and prayed for Dad's health.


Afterwards, the homes owner pulled me aside and stated that she was so appreciative of our open display of faith in God and that she hoped for God's tugging of the hearts of her staff who are not yet believers.

From me and my family, thank you for the outstanding services and witness provided by all of you at Grace on Wings.




Elden Lamb


Air Transport from Madison IN to Titusville, FL...(Mission 344)


Hi Mike and all you great people!


It is a miracle that we are sitting here next to Dorothy, watching her sleep (but hopeful we will get to interact with her sometime today!)!!


The words "thank you" are just not expressive enough for what we are feeling! The words "God" and "miracle" are more the words that come to my mind!!


What an amazing team you have! Continue with God's work and the blessings will keep flowing in!!


Your fellow servants in "Christ",


Alice and Mary Jo


:) (Mission 339)

Hi guys, back in March you flew my dad (Richard Laws) home to Akron, OH from St. Louis. After you flew him home, he began improving steadily each day. Today he is still at a rehab facility to help with his walking. He is now off all tubes - breathing on his own, eating on his own, talking just fine. He is almost fully recovered except for his legs due to him laying in bed for months on end without any movement.


You flying him home, saved his life. It will remain one of the most amazing turning points in my life as well as his. Mine, because it's the first time I have had a real relationship with my dad. His, because he is now a new person physically and spiritually. I took him to the movies yesterday.God is good.


Thank you again and again and God Bless you and your staff, Denise




Elden Lamb


Flight for my Dad...(Mission 339)


A huge THANK YOU to our pilot Rusty, and your entire team for being an answer to many prayers...My dad is critically ill and was in St. Louis at a long term hospital with no family and no friends.


Grace on Wings was so reasonable and even moved up the date as to when he could be flown to Ohio. What you do is absolutely amazing not to mention professional, reliable, empathetic, fast acting and safe. It was like a dream...God Bless you and your team - I am still in awe...


My baby girl Noorzahra (Mission 318)


I have no words to thank you all at Grace on Wings for helping us at a time when we thought we had no choice left.


We had come close to giving up hopes of our family being reunited. It was because of your kind and helpful team that we were able to move our baby girl to Dallas with us.


Thank you so much! May All the good you do for other come to you. May God bless you.


Mom for Noorzahra S.








Transporting Katie to Baltimore (Mission 292)

Words cannot express how grateful we are for your service, and the professional crew who cared for little Katie during her flight on Nellie from Chattanooga, TN (Erlanger) to Baltimore, MD (Kennedy Krieger Inst). When you prayed for the flight & and our baby girl on the runway- we felt the spirit of God.


Katie was in a horrific auto accident - that left her with a severe brain injury, blood clot and stroke, plus C1 & C2 broken and spinal cord stretched. We are asking for continued prayers for Princess Katie- we expect nothing less than a miracle and know God is in control.


Without Grace on Wings - Katie wouldn't be able to go for rehab, as ground travel 12-13 hrs would be impossible. We consider you "our angels" and will be calling again soon - to get Katie back home in East TN. God Bless Grace on Wings.


Read More from WRCBtv.com

Katie Barkley


God's love Flight 288 (Mission 288)

Dear Angels at Grace on Wings,


I want you to know that Alex is doing well. We will be forever grateful for the loving, kindness you have shown to Alex and to me.


Your group of people are a testament to God's love for us here on earth. Not only do all of you acknowledge your faith but you are a living example of how God wants us to treat others. I will always be grateful.





Pulmonary Patient (Mission 271)

My patient had been experiencing severe respiratory symptoms and had local opinions and an opinion at the lung transplant center in Indianapolis. She was still very uncertain after receiving these opinions and wanted to see a physician in Chicago to see if there was any hope for her condition or if another transplant program would accept her.


We discussed the options and Grace on Wings provided a transport for her to and back from the appointment in Chicago. The patient and her mother and uncle all were brought from her home to the doctor's office in Chicago and back with professional care and the entire event was well orchestrated and specifically catered to all of her needs. The patient was cared for by two personnel whom she has been familiar with from her prior care at St Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital, Todd Mossoney. RN and Jenny Marsh, CRRT.


The care provided thus was with people who already knew the patient on a first name basis and were already familiar with her specific condition and needs and her care was exemplary. The patient was also transported by the Pendleton EMS service to and from the airport and the Grace on Wings crew cared for her and accompanied her from her home through the flight and directly to the doctor's office and back. This transport was one of high risk for the patient due to her complex medical illness. Not only was the care and transport medically excellent, the care was delivered with Christ's Love.


Thank you for all that you do.


David C. Mares, MD, FCCP
Critical Care/Pulmonary Physician
Medical Director of Critical Care
St Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital
Anderson, Indiana


Thank You! (Mission 262)

I wanted to write and say thank you for the excellent service you provided to my mother, Barbara Rogers, during her travel from Greenville to Muskegon last week. It would have been impossible for us to get her to Muskegon any other way (e.g., long drive or commercial flights). The trip was difficult for her, but she - and we - appreciated your kindness and help. She is now settled in an assisted living facility in Muskegon. After a few rough, initial days, she is starting to improve in spirits and health.


Thanks again for your assistance with her difficult move. I will gladly recommend your service to anyone having similar need.


Best Regards,



Merry Christmas! (Mission 260)

Mission 260: August 26, 2013 (Age: 8 Months Old)

Card Photo: December 15, 2015

I can't say thank you enough for you time... (Mission 259)

I can't say thank you enough for you time and dedication. Today you transported my father from Knoxville TN to Grand Rapids MI to be closer to his family.


I'm at a loss for words right now at how much this trip meant and how quickly you got my father here with your air ambulance.


It has been such a relief today to know my mom is back home and my father is only 40 minutes away vs 10 hours.


My father has a long road of recovery ahead and he now is able to spend it with family and friends instead of alone in a room.


I only got to know a few of you for a very short time, my mother got to fly with you thankfully. But your mission, your reasoning for going out into tomorrow to face today is amazing. God bless you all!


There are not enough "thanks you's" in the world for all you do.




Adam K.

Grace on Wings is such a blessing! (Mission 237)


Our son, Jackson was born prematurely at just 24 weeks and 1 day gestation—nearly 4 months too soon.


At the time of Jackson’s birth, we were told that his chance of survival was a grim 10%. Since we were traveling from our home in Buffalo, New York to Indianapolis, Indiana to pick up our other children who were visiting the Nana in Kansas for Spring Break, we were out of our area, and told it would be several weeks before we could even think of transporting Jackson closer to home. Jackson was very sick and medically unstable, so Jackson and I were left at the hospital in Indiana while the rest of our family returned home to New York.


After spending 2 months in the NICU at St. Vincent Women’s hospital, Jackson had endured 3 surgeries and countless transfusions and diagnostic tests. He was finally off of the ventilator and ready to move closer to home. Unfortunately, our insurance company failed to see the medical necessity of transporting our baby boy closer to home, allowing our family to be reunited, and for me to return to work.


This is where Grace on Wings stepped in. They are such a blessing! Not only was Grace on Wings generous enough to absorb the cost of transporting Jackson closer to home, but they had awesome equipment and amazing staff. From the second they stepped into the room, a tremendous peace came with them. They took such great care of our little boy and transported him safely to Buffalo.


The team that saved Jackson in his original transport to the hospital was the same team that brought him home to Buffalo for us. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that God is working his wonders directly through their caring, capable hands.


Grace on Wings is an excellent organization allowing God to do his work and spread his love through them.


We are forever grateful.







Thank you all! (Mission 12)

Hal & Tamara Blank Dr. Jim Milstead and Gary Walter for making this happen you all are truly Angels. We have almost given up hope until we were told to call you.


It almost seemed to good to be true. I can't wait to see Casey boy again - he's my youngest boy of three and the most loving child you could ever meet and I can't wait to meet you all too.


I hope you like this card, it seemed fitting.


Thank you again,


Love Kevin L, Pam N., Chanteel L. & Casey L.

















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