My patient had been experiencing severe respiratory symptoms and had local opinions and an opinion at the lung transplant center in Indianapolis. She was still very uncertain after receiving these opinions and wanted to see a physician in Chicago to see if there was any hope for her condition or if another transplant program would accept her.

We discussed the options and Grace on Wings provided a transport for her to and back from the appointment in Chicago. The patient and her mother and uncle all were brought from her home to the doctor’s office in Chicago and back with professional care and the entire event was well orchestrated and specifically catered to all of her needs. The patient was cared for by two personnel whom she has been familiar with from her prior care at St Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital, Todd Mossoney. RN and Jenny Marsh, CRRT.

The care provided thus was with people who already knew the patient on a first name basis and were already familiar with her specific condition and needs and her care was exemplary. The patient was also transported by the Pendleton EMS service to and from the airport and the Grace on Wings crew cared for her and accompanied her from her home through the flight and directly to the doctor’s office and back. This transport was one of high risk for the patient due to her complex medical illness. Not only was the care and transport medically excellent, the care was delivered with Christ’s Love.

Thank you for all that you do.

David C. Mares, MD, FCCP
Critical Care/Pulmonary Physician
Medical Director of Critical Care
St Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital
Anderson, Indiana