Words seem inadequate to truly convey the depth of appreciation our family has for the Grace on Wings organization who made it possible for my 86 year old parents to return to Kentucky from South Dakota in just a few hours. After a freak accident on the eve of what was to be his 38th consecutive pheasant hunt, my dad suffered a broken hip and was completely immobile. The day after the accident, my mom flew by herself to be with her husband of 67 years and thankfully reached the hospital many long stressful hours later.

Before the possibility of a direct medically attended flight was proffered, all of us were scrambling to clear our schedules in order to try to cover what we foresaw as an extended stay in South Dakota since Dad couldn’t make the 900-mile trip back home in his condition. And everyone at the hospital and back home knew that he wasn’t going anywhere without my mom beside him. Of course, the bottom line we all agreed would be to do what was best for Dad.

Because of your servant hearts and your organization’s mission, we were offered a way to do what was best for both of our parents and best for the rest of us as well.

From the time we first contacted you until you were at Dad’s bedside in Kentucky praying with my family, I felt we were all part of a miracle. The professionalism and competence you all displayed put our family completely at ease and conveyed the comforting feeling that prayers were being answered.

Truly we witnessed the faithfulness of God as He worked through Grace on Wings. We will always be grateful for this great blessing.