Mission 491 Report
August 2017

This is a report for Mission 491 by Grace on Wings.

Departure:  Washington, D.C.
Kansas City, Kansas
August 9, 2017

Mission Report

For the 2nd time in the last several years, 77 year old Shirley has set out to see our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. The 1st trip she made, was when the government had shut down all of the monuments and she left not able to see anything. This time she and her daughter Theresa drove from Kansas to visit another daughter who lives in Virginia and to once again see the sights of D.C.

During their drive Shirley began to feel bad so they stopped at an emergency room along the way. Shirley was given some antibiotics and told she was good to go. Shortly after arriving in D.C. she was hospitalized and now she and her family want her back in Kansas.

We enter Shirley’s room and 2 of her daughters are with her. She is a very pleasant lady with short gray hair, glasses and wearing her yellow hospital issued gown. She and her daughters are ready to get this mission started. They will both be driving home while Shirley flies. We make Shirley comfortable on the cot as Hazel and Theresa tearfully hug her goodbye. They are both crying as Shirley reassures them saying, “I will be alright.” Our drive through the D.C. traffic is timely but Shirley handles it well. Hal is waiting with Abe when we arrive.

He introduces himself to and prays as she smiles. We had great conversation with Shirley during her flight. She and her husband were married for 56 years before he passed away a few years ago. They met at a square dance and married about a year later. 

They lived and farmed several acres in their small Kansas town raising cattle. Shirley spent most of her time caring for their 6 children ( 5 daughters and 1 son ). None of the children had much interest in taking over the farm so she now rents out the land but continues to live in the farmhouse. She enjoys gardening although she doesn’t do as much now as she did in the years past.

Before we left the hospital her daughters said she would probably sleep the entire way. Boy were they wrong. She absolutely enjoyed looking out her window on the plane even as we talked she continued to enjoy the scenery below. I loved her sweet giggle, she just seems so happy and it is so refreshing.

At last we arrive in Kansas and as we exit Abe and board the ambulance tiny raindrops begin to gently fall. I called her daughter Lori who is waiting for her on this end to let her know we have landed. She is already in her mom’s new room waiting on us. As we continue on, the rain is falling fast and furious. We are quite thankful for the hospital ambulance bay when we arrive. It protects Shirley from getting wet. When we get to her room she had forgotten that Lori would be there. When she sees her she is very excited. We place her into bed and hug her goodbye. She was a joy.

As we fly home we were blessed with a beautiful sunset as it dipped below the clouds casting a pink hue onto them. In a matter of moments the darkness of the sky has swallowed up the sun. It was a clear night sky full of twinkling stars as we continued on listening to music and watching the lights of the cities and small towns below. 

After a good bit of time passed I began to see a glorious red glow form across the dark horizon in the distance in front of us. I quickly look back up to the stars in search of the moon which I now realize, is clearly absent.

Once again, I fix my gaze back to the red glow now unable to take my eyes off of it. Suddenly, there it was…… a glorious gift from God…….this breathtaking vision of the moon as it now rose to take it’s place among the stars. What a spectacular blessing to have the privilege to witness this view. 

This alone put a smile on both my face and in my heart with a reassurance that God is always in control.


Thank you to Hal and Eric for sharing this ministry with me.

Many Blessings

Shelli Engle RN

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