Mission 483 Report
June 2017

This is a report for Mission 483 by Grace on Wings.

Departure:  Leesburg, Florida
Williamstown, New Jersey
June 21, 2017

Mission Report

70 year old Ruth lives with her brother John and his wife Linda in New Jersey. She is the youngest of 4, born in Philadelphia. Besides John she has 2 sisters Gale and Dottie. As a young girl Gale always let Ruth tag along with her wherever she may be going. Ruth has very fond memories of those times. 
Her sister Dottie lives on a farm. Ruth has loads of nieces and nephews and is extremely close to her family. She, John and Linda winter down in Florida and it was during this time that Ruth became ill and would be unable to travel back home by car or even commercial airline. This is when John contacted us and asked if we could help get her back to New Jersey.

We were blessed this morning with a spectacular sunrise that God allowed me to witness prior to our take-off. Our flight down to Florida was quiet and peaceful. We walked into Ruth’s room to her sweet smile as we each introduced ourselves. 
She asked us each to repeat our names to make sure that she knew exactly who was who. She is a small lady with short gray hair. Very friendly. We scooped her up as the staff told her good-bye. She is looking forward to going back to New Jersey.

Hal is waiting when we arrive at the airport and introduces himself as Ruth again repeats his name. He prayed over her prior to placing her on board Nellie. 
We chatted for only a short time before Nell had lulled Ruth to sleep. She actually slept her entire flight until we woke her up to tell her we had landed in Philly. 
She was quite surprised. She said, “I slept the whole way? When I was a little girl and flew with my mom she would always nudge me to wake up because I always slept on airplanes with her too.” We assured her that it was perfectly fine. As Hal passed by her in the plane she asked, “Is that the pilot who prayed over me? I have never had a pilot do that before.”

We transferred her from the plane into the ambulance. Once inside the ambulance we stepped inside and prayed with her again since we would not be going with her from this point. I called John to let him know that we had arrived safely and he was thankful. Ruth thanked each one of us by name.

We barely made it out of Philly ahead fast approaching storms. As we flew home God blessed us once again with his magnificent hand as He drew at least 4 different rainbows across the sky during our flight home. As always He kept us safe from the storms.


Thank you to Hal, Teejay and Madison for sharing this mission with me.

Many Blessings

Shelli Engle RN

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