Mission 478 Report
June 2017

This is a report for Mission 478 by Grace on Wings.

Departure:  Broomfield, Colorado
Franklin Grove, Illinois
May 30, 2017

Mission Report

78 year old Loreena was born in Illinois along with her 5 siblings. Shortly after graduating high school she followed her older sister out to Colorado in 1963, where she has lived ever since. 
She retired from the banking industry and recently lost her husband this past December. In January she had a stroke and has been in rehab. She has decided she would like to go back to Illinois to be near her many siblings, nieces, nephews and cousins.

We were contacted by her niece Gineva in Colorado to do this mission. When we arrived at her room we were greeted by her sister Marian and her husband, along with Gineva who will be flying with us. Loreena is sitting up in her wheelchair. 
Her short gray hair is neatly styled and she is wearing a very pretty multi-colored blouse with colors that remind of a beautiful peacock feather. It looks great on her along with her radiant smile. Marian has made her a beautiful crocheted blanket that we used to cover her with once on the cot.

During our ride to the airport she was very concerned about making sure that we were comfortable. It was quite cute and very evident that she has a sweet caring spirit. We explained about the need to wear headsets on the plane and told her everyone would have a window seat. 
She asked what Gineva would be looking at and when we said, “the top of your head” she laughed. We all took our place on board Abe and held the mirror up so that Loreena knew Gineva was right there and although she could not see her she could hear her.

As we were all getting situated Loreena looked at Mark and reminded him to put his seat belt on, we smiled at one another as he obeyed her request immediately. We had wonderful conversation during our time together with both Gineva and Loreena. Gineva will be making sure that her is aunt is settled in in Illinois and then she will be flying home much later tonight. Loreena enjoyed her flight and her window seat, smiling the entire flight.

As we rode to the rehab facility in Illinois, she was able to recall several of the different places along the way from her childhood as she looked out of the back of the ambulance. It was fun listening to her. 
Upon our arrival we were greeted by more family who are very excited to have her home. Her room has a great view of the patio with her bed next to the window. Her roommate is an adorable little 96 year old lady who has her hair up in curlers and welcomed us all as we entered. I think these 2 sweet ladies are going to get along very well.

We prayed and hugged Loreena and Gineva goodbye.


Thank you to Hal and Mark for sharing this mission with me.

Many blessings,

Shelli Engle RN

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