Mission 470 Report
May 2017

This is a report for Mission 470 by Grace on Wings.

Departure:  Denver, Colorado
Arrival:  St. Paul, Minnesota
Date:  May 1, 2017

Mission Report

As many of you hopefully remember we recently transported 33 year old Elliott from his home in St. Paul to Denver for an evaluation at Craig Hospital back on 4/9/17. (Mission 466).
Elliott and his parents Dennis and Karen were hopeful that they could do something to help alleviate the pain he has been experiencing.

Good news……after the 3 day eval the docs deemed him a candidate for surgery. So on Tuesday 4/18 Elliott endured a 9 hour surgery as his parents waited patiently. They have great confidence in his surgeon who is well renowned in this particular field of spinal cord injuries. We kept in close contact with his parents, praying the surgery would be a success.

Now, after a few weeks in the hospital Elliott is ready to go back home. The surgery has not yet relieved the pain but the surgeon said that it could take up to 2 months to notice a difference. We are all still very optimistic. We are excited to see this family again.

Only 2 days ago Denver was hit with a big snow storm causing us to push our flight back a day. As I spoke with Karen to give her this news she understood totally as she watched the snow fall out of the window. She said at first the mountain tops disappeared and then slowly the entire mountains until finally she could see nothing outside the window.

As we fly over western Kansas it is still under a blanket of snow. The area is rural farmland and we can see where roads should be but they have been untouched by plows. 
Finally we arrive in Denver today where most of the snow has melted. When we get to Elliott’s room it has a spectacular view of the Rocky Mountains from his window. As Elliott put it, ” my room has an amazing view, I have an amazing view of the ceiling.”

His father Dennis left yesterday to drive back home. We gather Elliott and Karen as many come into the room to tell them goodbye and wish them their best. Karen said the care they received at Craig was outstanding.

Once back at the plane, Hal prays over Elliott and we all board Nellie. Our time went quickly as we all chatted, catching up on the last few weeks. 
Gina had made some very tasty cookies and Elliott really enjoyed that. 
He said that surprisingly the food at Craig was very delicious. He is now looking forward to getting home as we fly his aunt is preparing a homemade meal for them.

We arrive in St. Paul where the weather is cold and rainy. Karen calls and Dennis has made it home safely as well despite the weather. We bid our goodbyes to this sweet family. Please continue to pray that the surgery will give Elliott relief from the pain and would allow him to get back to work even on a part time basis.

As we flew home the weather continued to follow us in the form of ice in the clouds. I always love seeing this as it presents itself as rainbow ring with Nellie’s shadow smack in the middle of it.


Thank you to Hal and Mark for sharing this mission with me.

Many blessings,

Shelli Engle RN

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