Mission 452 Report
February 2017

This is a report for Mission 452 by Grace on Wings.

Departure:  Houston, Texas
South Bend, Indiana
February 8, 2017

Mission Report

Over the road truck driver, doctoral degree in psychology, and a mathematician for McDonnell Douglas figuring drag for fighter jets and NASA’s Project Gemini are only a few of the occupations held by 89 year old Florence. What a fascinating lady!!

Born in Michigan in 1928 she has been abundantly blessed. She has 3 sons, 1 a minister, and the other 2 retired military and more than 150 grandchildren, great and great-great grandchildren. 
She came to know the Lord in the 1970’s while living in St. Louis and promptly introduced her children to Him. She is very adventurous, spunky and self-sufficient having lived all over the country.
She retired in Alaska after she discovered at that time, that’s where she could get the most for her retirement. She adapted well and loved it there. 
It was 10 years ago that a friend from Texas contacted her in an attempt to encourage her to meet a gentleman she knew. At the age of 79 Florence wasn’t too interested and said, “unless he has given his life to the Lord it is not worth it.” Well, it just happened that 83 year old Victor was a retired minister. Although reluctant, Florence went to Texas to meet Victor. 
After he finished eating a meal she had prepared, he simply said, “well, when would you like to get married?” Only a short time later he phoned her son Jerry to tell him of their intentions and to ask permission. Jerry himself being a minister said, ” at your age don’t let any grass grow under your feet.” So a month and a half after that now famous meal, the two were married in a full formal wedding ceremony with their family in attendance to celebrate. They have been living in Texas ever since.

Victor now 93 has some beginning signs of Alzheimer’s and Florence has been caring for him, however she recently had a stroke and her health is declining rather quickly. Her granddaughter, Christina contacted us to transport her from Houston to South Bend so that she could oversee her care and take care of Victor. 
Victor has been at Florence bedside every day. Christina has been in Houston since the beginning of January helping her grandparents. She has 3 sons also and the flexibility of homeschooling has allowed her this time.

My first observation of Florence is her sweet round face, soft smile and short gray hair in a neat pixie haircut, she is cute. Christina is by her bedside and has made sure that everything is ready for their trip. 
The staff are very helpful and in no time we are on our way to the airport where Hal and Abe are waiting.

Florence did great during the flight. Christina’s 3 sons are flying back home and her father, Jerry is driving back to Indiana with Victor. Christina’s face beams when she talks about her grandmother and her family. You can truly see and feel the love she has for her. 
She has sat with her grandmother and recorded her as she has told her many stories about her life. What a blessed keepsake this will be for her family.  
We arrive in South Bend, from 85 degree weather in Houston to 20’s and snow, so we quickly transfer Florence from Abe to the ambulance. 

Christina has selected this nursing home because it is literally in her backyard. 
Once there we are given her room assignment and after we place her in bed we turn to look out her window directly at Christina’s home. What a comfort. 

The staff are extremely friendly. Florence will stay here temporarily and hopefully eventually go to Christina’s home. She and her family are prepared to care for her grandparents until the Lord calls them home.

Please keep this family in your prayers as Christina and her family care and love on her grandparents.

Thank you to Hal, Jason and Chris for sharing this mission with me.

Many blessings,

Shelli Engle RN

Project Gemini was NASA’s 2nd human space program totaling 12 Gemini missions. It ran from 1961-1966 between the Apollo and Mercury Projects. The objective was to develop space travel techniques to support Apollo missions that would eventually land an astronaut on the moon. Missions 3 thru 12 were each manned by a 2 man crew. Gus Grissom, Neil Armstrong, James Lovell, and Buzz Aldrin are a few you may remember.

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