Mission 449 Report
January 2017

This is a report for Mission 449 by Grace on Wings.

Departure:  Nashville, Tennessee
Dallas, Texas
January 23, 2017

Mission Report

Today we have the pleasure of transporting 62 year old Geri to Dallas where her husband Dave has taken a new job. Dave contacted us on her behalf and we began working together. He and Geri have been married for 37 years and raised 2 daughters, 1 now in California and the other in Texas. 

The couple moved from Michigan to Nashville where they are currently living. Now with their relocat
ion he has his hands full, Planning the move, taking a new job, finding a new home and all with his bride in the hospital. Some good news is,they were able to purchase a home right next door to their daughter in Dallas. 

This is a huge blessing especially since she and her husband are planning to start a family soon. The movers just came on Sunday to pack up all of their belongings and take them to Texas. Dave himself will be driving down with their little elderly Bichon pup, keeping him company along the way. 

Geri has had some major health setbacks since she had surgery back in November including having a tracheostomy and being ventilator dependant for many weeks. Her body has definitely been through a lot.

9As we exit the elevator and round the corner to Geri’s room I am pleasantly surprised to see her sitting upright in her bed. She is, as cute as a button. With her hair pulled up on top of her head, wearing a bright smile and her studious glasses she looks much younger than her 62 years. Despite all of her health setbacks, she looks like a woman ready for a trip. Although she is unable to speak audibly, due to her tracheostomy, we do our best to read her lips. She is obviously excited.

Several of the hospital staff I have been working closely with came into her room to greet us as well. Sara her student nurse, Valerie the case manager, Kristen nurse practitioner and Sandra her bedside nurse. 
Each of them filling important roles necessary in helping to put our flights together. It is always nice to meet the caregivers who have loved on the patients and families.

They helped us scoop Geri up as she was smiling ear to ear. During our ambulance ride to the airport we snapped a picture to send to Dave. He had left really early this morning to make the drive in hope that he would arrive in Dallas ahead of us. Dave sent back a big “thumbs up.” We reached the airport and boarded Nellie.

Geri did great during her flight. She has had a lot past experience in flying in smaller aircraft alongside of Dave who has a private pilot license. She rested intermittently and did her best to communicate by moving her lips. We could tell this was quite frustrating for her and promised we would let the receiving hospital know that she was probably ready for a speaking valve for her tracheostomy. That definitely made her day, she smiled broadly and moved her mouth “thank you.”

At last we have landed in warm sunny Dallas and as we are taxiing across the runways we see our ambulance is waiting. The crew is very helpful and accommodating as we transfer Geri from Nellie into the ambulance. Geri wants me to call Dave and let him know that she is here and she wants to know if he will be there when we arrive.

I did as she asked and called. Unfortunately Dave informed me that he was still about 4 hours outside of Dallas. He asked me to tell Geri that he and their daughter should both be there by dinner time. This brought both a little sadness in knowing that he was not yet in Dallas, but also a smile in knowing that both he and their daughter would be there soon.

Her new caregiving staff met us at her room to assist. We prayed for healing for Geri and continued travel safety for Dave and she was thankful. Prior to leaving we snapped a quick photo and I sent it off to Dave so that he could see that we had arrived safely.


Thank you to Hal, Chris and JR for sharing this mission with me.

Many blessings

Shelli Engle RN

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