Mission 418 Report
August 2016

This is a report for Mission 418 by Grace on Wings.

Departure:  Trenton, New Jersey
Lorain, Ohio
August 5, 2016

Mission Report

Today we are picking up 25 yo Richie. 

Richie was born with cerebral palsy and was living at home with his parents up until 2 years ago. He is now wheelchair bound and staying in special care facility. His father passed away last year and he lost his mom this past March. 

He is an only child and his Aunt Judy will now be taking over his care. She is a real “getter done” kinda gal and has been working very hard to get him closer to her in Ohio. She has been making the 11 hour drive to spend time visiting with him many times since her sister passed away.  
Richie and Aunt Judy are ready and waiting when we arrive. He is wearing his captain America T-shirt and a set of headphones because he is very sensitive to noise. 

Many of the staff here are all coming in to tell him goodbye it is evident that he is very popular among them. All the way from his room on the 2nd floor to receptionist as we exit the front doors.

We board Nellie and explain to Richie that we are going to exchange his headphones for ours since they will better protect his hearing from the loud hum of Nellie. 

He is in agreement and Hal turns on some soft music for him to listen to. During our flight he did very well, he asked about his nurse’s aide and wondered why she could not come along. Judy explained that she needed to stay with her family and Richie sweetly said, “I miss her terribly.” But Aunt Judy brought up a picture of her on her cell phone so he could see her.

We also found out the he loves everything “Harry Potter” so he educated me about this, as I know nothing at all about Harry Potter. He also loves the game show network so we spent quite a bit of time talking about the different game shows and what our favorites were. 

Soon we had landed and took our short ride to his new facility. It is actually an old school building that they have converted.

It is only 3 blocks from Aunt Judy’s daughter and 2 grandsons who are crazy about Richie. They will be able to go get him in good weather and take him to their church on Sundays in his wheelchair. 

Also there just happens to be a Harry Potter parade tomorrow in their small town. Aunt Judy has purchased robes and wands for all of them as they will be attending the event together as a family.

His Aunt Judy is so attentive to his needs and so gentle with him. She is genuinely excited to have him near her and her family she is a wonderful example of God’s hands and feet as well as unconditional love. 

She shows around a little before we must depart and we thank her for allowing us the opportunity to serve her family.


Thank you to Hal and Danny for sharing this mission with me.

May the grace of the Lord be with each of you.

Many blessings

Shelli Engle RN

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