Mission 411 Report
July 2016


This is a report for Mission 411 by Grace on Wings.

Departure:  Wheeling, Illinois

Arrival:  Hickory, North Carolina

Date:  July 14, 2016

Mission Report

We arrived at 76 year old Shirley’s bedside this morning to find her daughter Susie and daughter-in-law tending to her needs. This particular flight had been moved around on the calendar several times over the last month or so for various reasons and this family is so glad that today has finally come. 
They are definitely ready to finally get their mom moved after many bumps and setbacks along the way. Shirley was born in North Carolina but moved to New Jersey where she raised her 5 children.

She retired from the post office after many years of service. Her children have since spread out across the United States and blessed her with many grandchildren as well as greatgrandchildren. It was during her visit to Chicago with her son, a truck driver and daughterinlaw, a traveling nurse that she began not feeling well. She was admitted to the hospital with cardiac arrest and respiratory failure leaving her unresponsive and dependant on a ventilator for life support. 


Her family now wants to get her back to her home state of North Carolina where most of her family still lives. Her daughter Susie has flown up from Florida to accompany her on this mission. Susie explained that although still an hour or so from her family it will be so much closer and easier for them to visit. Tearful good byes ensue as her daughter-in-law will now stay behind as she has been at Shirley’s bedside from the beginning.

Upon our arrival in North Carolina at the facility that will now care for her we were greeted by her son Anthony. He had driven from Chicago to be there to help his family despite having car trouble along the way. He immediately rushed over to hug his mom and his sister. It was evident how close this family was and to see how they had pulled together and persevered during this difficult time. 

After gently placing Shirley onto our cot and monitor system and with Susie at her side we arrive at the airport and pray prior to placing her inside the aircraft. Unable to communicate with us at all Shirley’s daughter shared a little about her family. We did our best to keep Shirley comfortable and she seemed to do well with the flight.
I had had the opportunity to speak to both Anthony and Susie over the phone several times prior to meeting them in person and through the phone calls alone I could tell how much they loved one another and their mom. Shirley has done an amazing job with her children. We prayed asking God for healing and to continue to bless this family.



Thank you to Hal, Danny and John for sharing this mission with me. I would also like to thank the case managers and ambulance transport teams as well.

Many blessings

Shelli Engle RN

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