Mission 406 Report
June 2016


This is a report for Mission 406 by Grace on Wings.

Departure:  San Angelo, Texas

Arrival:  San Diego, California

Date:  June 16, 2016

Mission Report

Jerry and Gaye have lived in Texas for many years and have moved a total of 9 times during their 54 years of married life. They have both agreed that this move to California will be the last. Gaye contacted us a few weeks ago to inquire about our Grace on Wings ministry and asked if we could help them.

Jerry is 77 years old and has had multiple sclerosis for 28 years. He is no longer able to walk and has been bedridden for many years now, needing a hoyer lift to transport him from his bed to wheelchair which he is only able to sit in for a very short time. Although they have many friends who help them at their current home in Texas both of their children live in California. Their son in LA and daughter and soninlaw in San Diego. They also have a 5 year old grandson who is a huge motivating factor in their desire to be near their children.

We arrived at their home and I am very excited to meet the two of them. We find them surrounded by many friends who have become family to them each one helping out in some way. Although it is evident through their tears and hugs that they are going to miss this wonderful group of people they are very excited to be moving close to their children. 
Despite Jerry’s current condition he remains very upbeat and has such a sweet disposition. God has answered many prayers for them thus far with their move. Gaye was able to finish out her school year teaching 2nd graders. Their home sold quickly and boxes are packed waiting on the movers who will come later today to orchestrate that part of move. 

We loaded up both Jerry and Gaye, made our way to the airport and all boarded Nellie.
We put on some country music per Jerry’s request but I honestly cannot think of a single song that we listened to all the way through. 
We were so busy chatting with this sweet couple. Jerry, whose voice has become very soft due to his illness, served in the Army for a few years, and went on to work in the oil business and he also sold real estate. Gaye has not only been a teacher but a principal as well. 
Their son is a rock musician, a bug he was bitten by, after Jerry took him to a KISS concert when he was younger. Their daughter Paige works for the San Diego Zoo. Together as a family the have built and maintain a log cabin home at Four Corners many years ago when Jerry used to go there to fish.

Oh, my Hal just said, “we are starting our initial descent.” The time has passed so quickly that it is hard to believe we are already in San Diego. The drive through the hills of the city is both short and beautiful and the ambulance driver backs up the steep driveway as we arrive at their home. We are greeted by their daughter and her husband who have been working extremely hard on their newly purchased home in San Diego making it accessible for Jerry including tearing down walls where necessary.

They picked out the home for them which has a spectacular panoramic view. It sits atop a hill overlooking a picturesque nature preserve. The gentleman that has been doing a large part of the necessary construction quickly introduced himself to Jerry and jokingly said, ” you will be seeing a lot of me as I am not yet finished.” 
They had a bed all prepared for their father in which we placed him. He too will have a grand view from his bedroom window. We prayed and hugged goodbye and as we were leaving my heart smiled as I realized how appropriate that this Father’s Day Jerry will get to spend with his children.

JOB 19:25



Thank you to Hal and Jason for sharing this mission with me. May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him. 

Many blessings 

Shelli Engle RN

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