Mission 403 Report
May 2016

This is a report for Mission 403 by Grace on Wings.
Concord, New Hampshire
Richmond, Virginia
May 31, 2016

Mission Report
Fun fact……..” What do Indianapolis, Indiana…Concord, New Hampshire…and Richmond, Virginia all have in common?”…… If your answer is….. they are each a state capital, then you are absolutely correct. On today’s mission we will cover 11 states and will “arrive” and “depart” in these city capitals. All of this seems very appropriate since we will be transporting 45 year old Christopher a “traveling nurse” and this is his story.


Recently while at home as he was combing his hair he began to notice some numbness and tingling in his arms so he took himself to the emergency room. Upon examination the doctors discovered that Chris had some serious disc problems that would require him to have surgery. It was during his recovery phase that he was unable to move both his upper and lower extremities and is now considered a quadriplegic. He has been receiving intense physical therapy and is gradually regaining the use of his arms. Praise God!

We arrived at his bedside to find him wearing a bright neon orange Tshirt and surrounded by several staff members. Each one bidding him good bye and making it quite evident that he has become a favorite around here. They all asked him to keep in touch as they wished him a full recovery. Given his current disabilities, he has selected a great rehab facility back in Virginia where his parents still reside.

Chris has been a traveling nurse on and off for about 15 years mainly along the east coast. He began his medical career as a paramedic several years prior. He enjoys his work as a nurse. He shared an interesting fact about himself, that after about 10 years of studying he is a Friar. 

He was confirmed about 3 years ago in his Episcopalian denomination, devoting his life to the service of others. He also has a great sense of humor as he explains the reason for the bright shirt he is wearing…….” so that I can be easily identified in a wreckage.” We all got a good laugh over that. He did great during his flight.

As we landed, his father was waiting on the tarmac and so excited to have him back closer to home. He immediately came rushing over to see Chris. The sun was beaming brightly as Danny removed his sunglasses and placed them on Chris to enable him to see his father without squinting. 

After several hugs and words of encouragement from his father we made our way to the rehab center. Although it has been several years since Chris has been home he is hoping that there will still be some familiar staff there.

Chris is very motivated and I am confident that he will really push himself with his physical therapy. I know that he would covet prayers that he will regain full movement and sensation and can continue to care for others with the gift of nursing that God has given him.


Thank you to Hal and Danny for sharing this mission with me. Many blessings and may we accept one another, just as Christ accepted us, in order to bring

Him praise.

Shelli Engle RN

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