Mission 390 Report
March 2016

This is a report for Mission 390 by Grace on Wings.

Departure:  St. Louis, Missouri

Arrival:  Athens, Ohio

Date:  March 22, 2016

Mission Report

As we begin our mission this morning and start our approach on the runway the brilliance of the sun is only beginning to appear on the horizon. Once we begin our ascent God reveals its full magnificence to us ….and it is breathtaking.

One of those “moments in time” feelings that you never want to forget. And so begins our flight to St. Louis, Missouri. Stephen is a 74 year old gentleman with lung cancer that has spread to his brain. Currently living in St. Louis his last wish is to be with his family in Ohio for his final days. We were contacted by his sisterinlaw Kelli to try and grant his request.

She happens to be the director of nursing at a facility back in Ohio and was able to secure a hospice bed for him there. We arrived at his bedside and the staff at the hospital had him all ready to go. Prior to placing him aboard Nellie, Hal prayed on Stephen’s behalf. He tolerated the flight well resting the entire time. We transported him to the ambulance and set out for the 20 min trip to the new facility.

It was quite a beautiful drive with rolling hills and the trees beginning to blossom. I commented to our ambulance driver on how serene it was. He said he had lived there his entire life and could not agree more. Upon admiring God’s handiwork here with nature it was easy to see why Stephen would want to return.

As we drove up the hill the nursing home became visible. We stopped in front and as we were unloading there was a sweet picture of an elderly lady on her walker being assisted by a gentleman as they were coming outside to enjoy some fresh air. I could see the care and compassion he was showing her, waiting patiently as she navigated her way with her walker, never once making her feel rushed.

We were greeted by the staff who had been awaiting our arrival. It was a very lovely facility roomy, bright and open. They had Stephen’s room ready and everyone assisted us as we placed him into bed. Just as we finished Kelli appeared over my shoulder and immediately rushed to his bedside. 

She gently whispered a few comforting words to Stephen and after she kissed him softly on the forehead she turned and thanked us for returning him to his family. We prayed for their time together and for the staff who would now have the opportunity to care for him.

2 COR. 1:3

Thank you to Hal and JR Many blessings

Shelli Engle RN

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