Mission 388 Report
March 2016

This is a report for Mission 388 by Grace on Wings.

Departure:  Ft. Myers, Florida

Arrival:  Bloomington, Indiana

Date:  March 20, 2016

Mission Report
During vacation from Bloomington, Indiana to Florida, 72 year old Merilynn and her husband Jim were involved in an automobile accident. 
They both shared a love for the outdoors and were on their way to the Florida Keys to do some bird watching when the accident occurred. Unfortunately Jim did not survive the accident and Merilynn had multiple fractures requiring surgery and repair. Merilynn’s 2 sons Jim and Rob drove down to Florida immediately to be by their mom’s side and make the necessary arrangements to bring her back home.

Upon our arrival at her bedside she was a little emotional teary-eyed but ready to make the trip. We had the blessing of meeting both Jim and Rob who would be driving back once we left. As gently as possible we placed her on our cot and positioned pillows around her for comfort and protection due to her many fractures. The only thing she was taking with her was a small black purse which Danny held on to so we did not leave it behind. Merilynn jokingly began to refer to it as “Danny’s purse” which gave everyone cause to laugh. We all said our goodbyes to Jim and Rob who were very grateful that this day had finally come.

While on board Nellie we had lovely conversation with Merilynn and she shared a lot about her family. I asked her about her name and she explained that she was an only child and had been named after her father (Meryl) and an uncle. Merilynn grew up in Bloomington where she and her husband Jim raised their 2 sons and now 5 grandchildren. All have graduated or are currently attending IU with the exception of her youngest granddaughter who will soon be breaking the family tradition and going off to Ball State.

Merilynn had lost her 1st husband several years ago after 30 + years of marriage. She and her current husband (also Jim) were reunited during a class reunion and discovered that they shared a lot in common. They were married with their families all present about 12 years ago. He loved the study botany and the outdoors in general and together they spent a lot of time enjoying events doing just that. In addition to that she also has a great group of ladies that she has enjoyed doing water aerobics with for about 15 years or so, and she volunteers weekly at a food pantry close to her home.

She did great during the flight and once we were on the ground I sent a message to Jim and Rob letting them know. Beverly with Heartland Ambulance service (who once again graciously donated their services to this family) had been waiting on our arrival to transport us. 
We arrived at the rehab facility in Bloomington and were greeted by Merilynn’s daughterinlaw, Kim who had a sweet smile of relief on her face. We placed her into bed and prayed for healing and recovery. And yes, for those who may be wondering, “Danny’s purse” was also returned to Merilynn before we left.

Merilynn has a great support group with her family and I think she will be back on her feet soon with them as her cheerleaders.

2 COR. 5:5

Thank you to Hal, Lisa and Danny for serving this family with me

Many blessings and may the God of grace and peace be with you

Shelli Engle RN

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