Mission 375 Report
January 2016

This is a report for Mission 375 by Grace on Wings.

Departure:  Denver, Colorado

Arrival:  Broomfield, Georgia

Date:  January 17, 2016

Mission Report

PSALM 40:1

So today (Thursday) as we are waiting in Tulsa while our “Nellie” is having a little work done ( I like to refer to this as her ” spa day”) a request comes in for a transport from Colorado to Georgia. 
The family would like to have their mom Isabel transferred as quickly as possible. We anticipated hopefully being able to do this mission the following Tuesday, however, they wanted to know if we could make it happen any sooner. So we went to work doing our best to fulfill their request. (I love these kind of opportunities and watching as God works everything out.) Now, with Mike and Chelsea back at our office and with us in Tulsa we begin working diligently to get the necessary paperwork together and all loose ends tied up. By Friday night it had all come together and we were scheduled to do the flight on Saturday. So Isabel’s, daughter-in-law.

Nicole, flew out ahead of us to help get her ready and to make the return flight with us. Nicole is also an emergency department nurse in Atlanta.

Our plan is to leave early Saturday morning for Denver for her transport. As we make our way in on the dark icy roads it is evident that we will be delayed due to weather. I made the phone call to Nicole with this update assuring her that we would be coming but later than planned. By the time we arrived in Denver it was much later than we had hoped and for safety reasons the decision was made to stay over and get out early Sunday morning. Once again I call to update Nicole. Needless to say she was quite disappointed and now worried about the delay of another day. I did my best to reassure her that God is in control and we rely on His perfect timing.

We awake early on Sunday morning and as we drive toward the airport not only is the fog thick but we cannot even see the mountains. You could feel the snow coming in the air. You guessed it….delayed again. This time when I spoke with Nicole she completely understood and agreed. So we waited once more and only a few short hours later God had cleared the skies for us.

At last we finally arrive at the facility in Colorado and as we are making our way down the hall from out of nowhere I am greeted with a wonderful warm hug. Nicole says to me, ” I know we have never met. but I feel like I know you and I am so thankful you are here.” I too was happy to finally meet her, as it always amazes me how God brings us all together and connects our lives if only for a brief time. 
Nicole has Isabel ready to go, so after their good byes there with the staff we headed off. Isabel slept comfortably during the entire flight only awakening on occasion requesting a sips of water. We were able to get to know Isabel through Nicole and could see what a close caring family they were. 
Isabel is a very active 76 year old. She volunteers at the hospital, plays 19 holes of golf and travels extensively, many times her family would not even realize she was traveling she was so independent. Originally born in Guadalajara she later moved to the states and married a man in the military who has since passed away. 
She is a very devout Catholic. They raised 3 sons and a daughter all of which are scattered mainly along the east coast. She recently became ill and hospitalized without a definitive diagnosis. Her family has been taking turns flying to Denver to be with her at her beside. This has been taking a toll on her family. With her youngest son being a police officer and his wife Nicole ER nurse in Georgia the decision was made that they would take her there so they could care for her. Nicole shared how she and her husband had recently built a home with a bed and bath on the main level with the idea in mind of eventually caring for their parents if necessary.

When we arrived at the receiving facility Isabel’s son (Nicole’s husband) and daughter were waiting with huge smiles to welcome her. After we placed her comfortably in bed her family joined us as we prayed with her and then said our goodbyes.

PSALM 130:5

Thank you to Hal, Alan and Daniel for sharing this mission with me. Many blessings and may God’s grace and peace be yours in abundance.

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