Mission 367 Report
October 2015

This is a report for Mission 367 by Grace on Wings.

Departure:  Indianapolis, Indiana

Arrival:  Atlanta, Georgia

Date:  October 26, 2015

Mission Report
Today as we entered the room of 18 year old Titus the first thing you noticed was the many family members that surrounded him. You can see how much they love and care for him. As we did our assessment and loaded him onto our stretcher there were many tears and hugs not only from his family but from the nursing staff as well as they too were going to miss this young man. His life has changed dramatically. He is now a ventilator dependent quadriplegic as a result of a gunshot wound. He needs his family now more than he ever imagined.

His mom has already gone back to Atlanta where she lives to secure a place for him in the long term acute care facility where we will be taking him. His sister will be making the flight with us today. She tells us that she nor Titus have ever flown and on top of that he is also afraid of heights. Once safely secured aboard Abe, Titus closes his eyes as we takeoff.

It is a fairly short flight only about 1 � hours. Although he is unable to communicate with us verbally he does quite well communicating with his eyes and lips. He and his sister are very close. She is very quiet during the flight with the exception of asking if he looked scared at all. I told her, ” no, he just has his eyes closed and seems to be resting.” He did very well on the flight despite the fact the weather was a little rough.

We landed safely in Atlanta amidst the rain and wind and were met by the ambulance crew. It was a short ride to the new facility. The staff there were awaiting our arrival. As we made our way down the hallway we were greeted by a tiny framed women. She was smiling as she approached us and it was evident that this was his mom. You could see the relief on her face to finally have her son close to her. She waited outside the room as we transferred him to his new bed. After we had him comfortable we asked if she would like to join us for prayer to which she quickly nodded yes.

Please continue to lift this family up.We joined our hands together as we thanked God for Titus and his family. As we presented his mom with the cross and bible that every patient receives you could see tears in her eyes. She asked if she could hug us and we eagerly accepted her hugs. This family was doubly blessed with the donation of ambulance transport here from Heartland ambulance and in Atlanta by Grady EMS. We would like to thank both crews for the assistance and service they gave to us.
Thank you to Hal, Chet, Chris and Chris for sharing this mission with me.


May the grace of God be with you

Many blessings,

Shelli Engle RN

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