Mission 356 Report
September 2015

This is a report for Mission 356 by Grace on Wings.
Departure:  Raleigh Durham, North Carolina
Arrival:  Crawfordsville, Indiana
Date:  September 3, 2015

Mission Report
84 yr old Lois lives here in Crawfordsville, Indiana with her daughter and until recently had done so independently. In speaking with her daughter I learned that Lois is a widowed homemaker of 7 children. She has 2 daughters with 5 sons in between. She loves her family and is very involved with her church. One of her favorite pastimes is shopping and buying new clothes. Earlier this summer she had traveled out to NC to spend some time with her 90 and 93 yr. old sisters.

During her visit there she developed a headache along with some nausea and vomiting and was admitted to the hospital. She suffered an intracranial bleed and is now dependant on a ventilator to breath for her. Unfortunately her health has declined and her family needs to get her back home closer to them for support and care.

This will require medical air transport and the reason that they contacted us. They have been taking turns traveling out to NC as time and funds allowed but the distance is too far. After several weeks of searching for a facility that could care for her we are finally able to bring her back home.

We arrive at her room where she has spent the last few months. The room is small and full of the necessary equipment to care for her. Lois is very frail and unable to communicate with us verbally. The staff are very caring and helpful not only to her, but toward us. With their help we transfer her onto our cot and equipment and head for the airport. After praying over Lois we gently placed her aboard Nellie and were airborne. Our flight was smooth and she did well only opening her eyes on occasion. We arrived back in Indianapolis and after telling Lois she was back home we took the 45 min ambulance ride to her new facility. Once there we transferred care to those who would now take over. Several of the staff joined us as we prayed once again for Lois and her new caregivers.

After the 45 min. ambulance trip back to our hangar Hal shared with us that her daughter Debbie had called him. She wanted to thank us for bringing her mom back home. She shared that they wanted to be there when we brought her back but they had just missed meeting us and were sorry for that. They were so very thankful and relieved in having her close to them.

We want to thank all of you for your support and prayers for this family and every family that God allows us to transport. You are very important to this ministry and to each mission because without each of you this would not be possible.

Thank you to Hal, Chet, Lisa, and Chris for serving along side

Many Blessings

Shelli Engle RN

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