Mission 355 Report
August 2015

This is a report for Mission 355 by Grace on Wings.
Departure: Denver, Colorado
Arrival:  Coeur D’Alene, Idaho
Date:  August 14, 2015

Mission Report
It’s hard to imagine spending nearly ⅓ of a years time not only away from home but in a hospital, yet this happens far more often than we think. God has allowed us the privilege of transporting Kevin back much closer to his home and family. We will be taking him and his wife Donna to Idaho which will still be 3 hours from their Montana home but that is much closer than they have been in a long time.

At only 56 years old Kevin’s road has been rough. He was diagnosed in 2007 with autoimmune disorder that the doctors were able to treat, until recently when he found himself in need of a liver transplant. On May 6 he received that transplant only to have his body reject it a short time later again finding himself in need of this vital organ to sustain his life. On May 27th that prayer was answered with a 2nd transplant. He has recently developed a very serious fungal infection that his body is having a very difficult time fighting off. 
A big reason for this is due to the fact that he must now take anti-rejection medication which cause his body to be immunosuppressed making it all the more difficult to fight any type of infection. As we arrive at the hospital in Denver the goodbyes were both tearful and emotional as this had been their home away from home for quite some time. It was evident how close Kevin and Donna had become with the staff here, as this had been their family. They promised they would see each other again when Kevin gets better. 
We prayed over Kevin for healing and travel mercies before we boarded Abe. Once we were all safely aboard we began our flight. We did our best to keep him comfortable during the flight. He spent a little time watching out the window never complaining about anything. 
Donna was still very emotional and tearful I could see the weariness on her face as I handed her a tissue for her tears. She did not seem to want to talk at first so we just allowed her time to collect her thoughts. I asked her if she would consider writing in Abe’s journal that we keep for all of our missions as an encouragement for those who would fly in the future. Not knowing if she would or not I thought it might be an encouragement for her to read from some who had flown before she and Kevin. 
She spent a lot of time reading through some of the other stories and much to my surprise she too wrote in the journal. ( I did not read what she wrote until the next day on our way home but after I did it became very clear to me what must have been weighing on her mind. 
She wrote that her husband has only about a 15% chance of survival if they are unable to get this fungal infection under control.) She shared that her job had allowed her to work remotely from Denver and would allow her the same from Idaho. This was a huge praise in that it would allow her to stay close to Kevin.

The staff at the new facility in Idaho were very welcoming as they had been expecting Kevin and Donna. For now this would become their new family and they all seemed very attentive to Kevin’s needs. Once again we prayed for continued healing for Kevin and we thanked God for safe travels and the care he would receive from the staff.

To be taken away from your family, your friends, your home, your church, your job just to name a few, all of the comforts that you know. Until we face these circumstances we can only speculate how we would handle them. We thank each and every one of you who help to make this ministry possible through your prayers and donations.

Thank you Hal, Chet, Lisa and Chris for not only sharing in this mission with me but for being the hands of feet of God.

Many blessings 

Shelli RN

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