Mission 321 Report
September 2014

This is a report for Mission 321 by Grace on Wings.

Departure:  Boston, Massachusetts

Arrival:  St. Paul, Minnesota

Date:  September 4, 2014

Mission Report
Mr. F is a family practice physician who set out to have a practice in Cape Cod, MA a place he was both fond of and familiar with since childhood. After headaches & seizures specialist in Boston found cancer that could be treated in Minnesota.

Mr. F. was accompanied by his wife and a toy stuffed elephant who has been traveling with them many years.

The medical crew was Stephannie Deckhart, RN and John Hannigan, RRT. Hal led prayers for safety and medical crew performance while Anna, escorted Mrs. F from the Signature Support Service/TSA station.

We made our way to Indy for refueling; then another did 1.5 hours flying to St. Paul, MN. Dr. F. struggled with comfort issues although the medical team tried to meet his needs and desires. His wife fed him grapes, Diet Pepsi, and an egg salad sandwich.

We found out that they will return to the same house they left in June. Mr. F will be around family and friends that will provided emotional & financial support.

The entire crew wishes to thank each of the non-flying volunteers and employees that make Grace on Wings fly.

God Bless,

John Hannigan

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