Mission 320 Report
September 2014

This is a report for Mission 320 by Grace on Wings.

Departure: Cleveland, Ohio

Arrival:  St. Louis, Missouri

Date:  September 3, 2014

Mission Report

Michael was a person who had spent two months at the Cleveland Clinic. He had clots removed from vessels in his chest and complicated by life support for heart and lungs. We met Jim from respiratory care and Rebecca from nursing and Michael in his room sitting up next to his bed. Michael got himself onto the stretcher and needed just a little help getting his legs in place.

We had sunny skies for the bumpy ride to the airport; the wind light and warm. For some 53 years he had not flown in a plane. We reassured him that our pilot, was very experienced. Ethan joined us as co-pilot. Stephanie RN and John RRT were the medical team.

Just before getting aboard Abe, Hal led the crew in prayer on the tarmac just before noon. We flew to St. Louis area where the ground ambulance service took us the Hospital. After a brief prayer at Michael’s bedside, the crew returned to the airport to head back home for our next mission awaiting for us and Abe.

We would like to recognize the ground crews that care and feed Nellie and Abe. We thank the donors who underwrite the expenses of this aviation mission, serving Christ.

God Bless,
John Hannagaan, RRT

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