Mission 300 Report
May 2014

This is a report for Mission 300 by Grace on Wings.

Departure:  Cleveland, Ohio

Arrival:  Santa Ana, California

Date:  May 28, 2014

Mission Report 
Praise God for allowing us this privilege to serve Him!

Mr. SW required repeat heart valve surgery at a Cleveland OH hospital on May 7. Afterwards he was found to have had a stroke after the operation. For two weeks he was ventilated and was unable to respond. Many family members and friends prayed for his recovery. Here is how his son describes it.

He wrote that his Dad’s “prognosis was not good. It was decided that the best place for him was So. Cal. near family. That is when we discovered Grace on Wings and their amazing generosity.”

Continuing, “Everyone was praying for my father; friends, family, grand kids, hospital staff. Miraculously that next weekend he had a dramatic turn around being awake, aware, and responsive. Thanks to everyone’s prayers we are confident he will have a good recovery.

With a distance of some 2,028 miles Hal, our pilot, this mission stopped briefly in Salinas KS and Albuquerque MN for fuel & comfort. Chief Paramedic and Nurse Matt and Respiratory Therapist took turns staying with our guest of honor on the ground.

The patient’s son flew with “Abe”: reuniting with his family at the facility about 3:30 P.M. Mr. SW life highlights: he worked as a physicist and was a avid outdoorsman, hiking and skiing well into his 70’s with his beloved family.

We at Grace on Wings praise the Lord for a safe and successful 300th mission. Continue to pray for Mr. SW, his family and the continued work and calling of Grace on Wings as we honor The Lord Jesus Christ.

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