Mission #293

Praise the Lord Christ Jesus! 


Grace on Wings will be doing it’s 293rd mission today.


Please have us in prayer that our Lord and Savior will place His hedge of protection around us and that we are faithful in bringing honor to His Name. 


Mission Details
Today’s flight mission is a demonstration of how quickly that a flight mission can come together. Mike Ford took a phone call from this patient’s son at 10:06 am on Monday, March 24, 2014. By 03:32 pm we had the last piece of the puzzle wrapped up which was Dr. Milstead giving his final approval for flight after he reviewed the patient’s medical record. 

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We have the privilege to serve Dorothy a 72 year-old who has been given a terminal diagnosis and not much hope in her physical condition. She was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The great thing is that Dorothy and her husband know and believe in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

My friend Mr. Les Brown is a motivational speaker and he has encountered much adversity in his life. I was able to hear him speak last September and he said something that struck accord with me. You see Les received a terminal diagnosis from his physician. When Les receive the diagnosis he was initially in shock as we all would be; however, he turned to his physician and said, “You should not state that someone has a terminal diagnosis. But rather you should explain to the individual that your knowledge for their situation and circumstances has terminated.”

We all should plan to expect adversity and already mentally condition ourselves with some degree of anticipation such that we will not be completely shaken when we encounter these events which truly foster growth. We all have access to the great physician who has ultimate understanding. Praise God that our great High Priest intercedes on our behalf and has provided a way to have healing of our own terminal illness (SIN). Please pray for Dorothy, her family and the crew as they attend to all of their needs.

Flight Crew for this mission will consist of Hal Blank, Jackie Brannon & Matt Guy. 
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