Mission 273 Report
November 2013


This is a report for Mission 273 by Grace on Wings.

Departure:  Corpus Christi, Texas

Arrival:  Cleveland, Ohio

Date:  November 3, 2013

Mission Report 
Gerry H is a 49 years old and travels to different coastal states to work on machinery for oil rigs. He is a retired Navy Seal. He met the love of his life 3 years ago while on the road and they married. She travels a lot with him in their large truck with their two small dogs and they even found room for a third small stray dog when their compassion couldn’t leave it to die. Their house is back in South Carolina.
Soon after getting to Corpus Christi for a new job, Gerry began to have a bad cough and felt short of breath. 
They went to the local clinic where he was evaluated and then sent to the ER for admission for pneumonia. 
Second day in the hospital, Gerry went into cardiac arrest from a large heart attack and the staff began CPR and was able to revive him. He underwent stenting for the closed vessel and was stabilized on medication. They were able to soon wean him off ventilator and he began to wake up very confused and combative.
It was found he had brain damage from lack of oxygen during the time his heart had stopped. His wife Carol stayed with him and had to put their dogs in a local kennel.
After a week, she was offered a free apartment from the hospital, but after visiting it, it was in a very scary neighborhood and she heard a nurse had recently been raped there.
So she stayed with Gerry and washed her clothes out in the shower. Every day he began to wake up a little more and occasionally even make some sense. But he had to be watched closely because he was impulsive and was too unsteady to walk and would fall out of bed.
Carol began praying for a answer. They had no support where they were and all his family was in Cleveland OH. After one month, Grace on Wings was found and Gerry’s parents were able to make the donation to get him home.
We arrived and were warned that he had a bad snoring problem and they tried to give him some sedation but his breathing was a terrible snore. 
He was combative and we had to be very careful to restrain him properly-he was very strong being a former Navy Seal. With a little more sedation and some country music, we were finally able to get him to relax enough to fly. 
I couldn’t imagine what had to be going on in his brain. All the aircraft dangerous missions he had been on and now restrained, he instinctively must have thought he’d been taken captive. We tried to talk to him frequently, but he didn’t respond to us. I kept thanking him for his service to our country and kept telling him he was going home.
We arrived to a nursing home close to his family and his parents were there to meet us. They seemed to have a guarded smile-happy to have him home but sad to see such a strong man reduced to this state. 
We all prayed over him and I prayed Carol would finally have a place to lay her head. We know only God will be able to perform the miracle healing that Gerry needs.

Thanks for great team of Hal and RN Dawn and flight follower Mike!
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