Mission 270 Report
October 2013


This is a report for Mission 270 by Grace on Wings.

Departure:  Lexington, Kentucky

Arrival:  Kansas City, Missouri

Date:  October 12, 2013

Mission Report 
Baby Jonathan was our fourth born micropremie to be flown home. His mom’s water broke at 21 weeks gestation and she was on bed rest and finally delivered at 24.2 weeks. He was born with poorly formed lungs and was on a ventilator for weeks.

He is now 5 months old and growing stronger each day. His dad is a pastor who took a job to run a new church in Kansas City before baby Jon was born premature. 

His mom says she still feels the guilt of having a premie, that maybe something she did or didn’t do was the reason he was born too early.  I told her that was just the devil’s way of crushing her spirit and she agreed.
She said she was excited and nervous about moving to Kansas City.
She said that she and her husband had prayed for God’s will in taking this new job and “just because your circumstances change, doesn’t mean your commitments need to.”

She says she has had wonderful support from many family and friends of there home area in Kentucky and their new home in Kansas City. They now have over 3000 followers on Facebook “PrayforBabyJonathan”

W e arrived bedside and the nurse was helping mom put on a new outfit for flight-complete with bow tie! It was his first trip out of the hospital. He is so small that we used our baby pod isolette to keep him warm. Our expert NICU team of Katie and Mike assessed him and placed him in the pod for flight.

He was pretty upset at the whole ordeal and required Katie’s special patting the entire trip! She said he was even particular about which hand she used 🙂

But he did well in flight and we got him safely to Mercy Children’s hospital.

Thanks to awesome team of Hal, Katie and Mike O!

We pray he continues to grow strong in the Lord!


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