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Elmira, New York

Indianapolis, Indiana

Wednesday September 29, 2010

Mission Report

Lavera D is 72 and always had a passion for motorcycles. She and her daughter and friends regularly participate in group “rides” around the country. She and her family have many bikes including some from 1950’s.

Her favorite is a trike and her daughter’s is one with a side car build especially for their 5 year old boy. While out on a biking trip to see “the grand canyon of Pennsylvania” they were leaving as a group from a scenic overlook and Lavera accidentally slipped and fell down a flight of cement stairs. Unfortunately she had left her helmet with her trike and she suffered a traumatic head bleed and concussion.

She was taken to the local hospital where initially she was coherent. As the blood built up and swelling worsened she became very confused, couldn’t walk, and had difficulty speaking. After a few days she showed some improvement and her family was told she could go back to Indy for rehab. The Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana told them about Grace on Wings-they know us from a number of transports.

When we arrived to Elmira, New York to pick her up, she was excited to be able to fly home. We were told when passing over Cedar Point roller coaster park that “that was her favorite place to visit,” and I think she was the first patient on Nellie that longed for turbulence!

We arrived at our base hangar in Indy and were met by Americare Ambulance, who graciously donate their staff and ambulance to serving our patients. We made it to the Rehab Hospital and Lavera was tucked into bed-tired after a long day. She will begin extensive rehab to work on her mobility, speech and her “re-memories” as her grandson well puts it.

Her daughter has vowed to put on a great static motorcycle display at our hog roast next year! We pray Lavera’s skills and mobility return and that she is back on open road with her trike someday.

Thanks to great flying by Hal and Katie, and to my medic Glenn for excellent care.

Special thanks to the staff at RHI for being so awesome and to Americare for being our ground support in Indy.