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Washington D.C.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Tuesday September 28, 2010

Mission Report

Amy M. is 29 and is married to Justin. They have two active boys ages 8 and 4. Amy has very fair skin and in November last year she was diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer on her right ankle and her battle began.

She was a labor and delivery nurse at a large hospital in Cincinnati and her friends and coworkers started an organization called Amy’s Army to support her financially and emotionally after she was diagnosed. They made a large bulletin board that had information about her and her battle with one of the most prevalent cancers.

By this summer, she had difficulty walking because the tumor had spread and was overtaking her leg. It was also discovered she had metastasis to her spleen, liver and lungs. She was accepted into a cancer treatment group at NIH at the end of July and she flew out to Maryland with her family. Justin took the boys to see Washington DC as Amy began her treatment of a newly discovered way to attack the cancer cells in her leg tumor. The boys returned to Ohio to stay with their Grandparents, while Justin stayed by her side (he had left his job to be with her).

After weeks of treatment her cancer (and severe pain) only worsened and she was told there was nothing more that could be done. She longed to get back home to see her boys. The case manager fought with her insurance to allow an air ambulance flight to get her home without success. Amy’s Army came into the picture and with a donation for the plane costs, Grace on Wings was called to get her and Justin home to Christ’s Hospital in Cincinnati. We arrived to see Amy, smiling through the pain, with Justin by her side.

With the help of IV pain medication and calm skies, we were thankfully able to get Amy smoothly to her new home at Christ’s. When we prayed with her before leaving, she looked completely exhausted. I can’t imagine what it’s like to wake up everyday with a cancer that is overtaking your body, pain that is at times unbearable, and worry about an uncertain future for your family. It’s so reassuring that all believers will be at “Christ’s” one day with no more tears and no more pain.

We’ve learned she has now been reunited with her boys and has been moved to a hospice room. We pray God’s intervention in that her pain could be lessened so she can enjoy the last precious moments she has sharing love with her friends and family.

Thanks to great flying by Hal and Mike and to great care from my nurse Jenny (who from now on-after being lectured by security at “a Federal Facility” will never forget her ID again 🙂



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