Mission 97

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Rapid City, South Dakota

Chicago, Illinois

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mission Report

Lisa H is a 50 year old who surprised her sister about a month ago when she called and said she was going to travel to South Dakota to Sturgis and wanted her to watch her dog and two cats. Lynn was surprised because Lisa had only had her bike 3 years and only rode it on weekends.

Lisa traveled out West from Illinois with her boyfriend to experience one of the largest motorcycle rally’s. Unfortunately while there, she lost control of her bike going around a curb and hit a railing with her head (no helmet). She was Life flighted to Rapid City Regional where she was stabilized. After 4 weeks Lisa still lays in a coma out in a state far from her family. Grace on Wings had flown another motorcycle accident victim a month ago and the caseworker at Rapid City Regional Hospital informed her sister about us.

Lisa was accepted to the well-know Rehab Institute of Chicago for Coma Stimulation. We had to fly up the night before in order to get Lisa there by 2 PM as requested and we were blessed to be able to visit Mt Rushmore. (very highly recommended!)

Lisa was met in Chicago with warm greetings from her sister and we pray that she has the healing only God’s grace can give.

Thanks to Superior Ambulance service in Chicago for giving of their time and resources in support of Grace on Wings and to the great flying by DJ and Hal, and expert medical care by Dr. Jim and Medic Matt.



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