Mission 94

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Rapid City, South Dakota

Indianapolis, Indiana

August 21, 2010

Mission Report

Billy N aka”Biker Billy” is a 54 year old from Indianapolis who loved his Harley. He and his fiance traveled back this year to Rapid City, South Dakota to be part of the Sturgis activities. He was riding with some friends when tragically a kayak fell off the trailer in front of him and collided with Billy’s head. Fortunately he was strong enough to not be knocked off his bike into the water beside the guardrail. He did suffer a severe head injury and lay in the road as the driver drove away (bad move with a group of ticked off bikers behind you) and was soon caught and held until the police arrived. Turns out the driver had 4 prior DUI’s and was again intoxicated and failed to secure the kayak.

Billy was rushed to Baptist hospital where he soon underwent removal of part of his skull to allow for swelling of the brain. He was on full life support for the past 3 weeks with Lola, his finance near his side. She said she was so amazed at the outpouring of affection from both the hospital staff and the community. While praying at a local church, she met a lady that even offered her a beautiful place to stay looking out at the black mountains. Billy’s sister found Grace on Wings through a South Dakota Senator who had heard of us. Through donations from the local bikers, we were able to fly out Saturday to bring him home. We even were able to fly around Mount Rushmore before landing!

Lola couldn’t believe how awake Billy was and that he even smiled when we loaded him into the ground ambulance. We pray for his continued recovery and hopes Lola can make her dream of a motorcycle ride to benefit Grace on Wings can happen. We’ve already received 2 requests to return to South Dakota to help get 2 more riders home.

You ca also click on this link for the story that aired in Rapid City the night of his transport. http://www.kotatv.com/Global/story.asp?S=13023877

Thanks to the great support of Katie my respiratory therapist and to the great flying by Hal and Mike A.



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