Mission 92

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

New Jersey, New Jersey

August 13, 2010

Mission Report

Charity S is a 62 year old that suffered a severe stroke that left her in a comatose state 3 years ago and on a ventilator. With her wonderful sister Grace commuting back and forth to her bedside in Oklahoma City from Newark, NJ (sleeping in a recliner at the hospital) Charity needed a way to be moved to New Jersey so her sister could continue to care for her and also be close to her family. One year ago Grace contacted us and began fund raising to get her sister flown. When our board of directors at Grace on Wings learned last month that she was still a few thousand dollars short but still in a dire situation (and calling and pleading monthly), we voted to go ahead with the flight after maintenance because we would already be in Tulsa-just 25min from her.

When Grace learned we were finally coming to get her and her sister, she was overwhelmed and pleaded, “please don’t change your mind.” I also learned that with Grace’s help, Charity was moved into her son’s apartment with around the clock care, and that she had weaned off the ventilator.

When I called from Tulsa to tell her that Hal had test flown Nellie and we were ready to come get them, I panicked a bit when I learned she was on the second floor without an elevator. I immediately began to fret about how to safely get a comatose patient with multiple tubes and wires down two flights of outdoor cement stairs. I’m ashamed to say in my worldly way-I forgot to just pray and leave it in God’s hands. But He worked out the details non-the-less. When the ambulance crew picked us up from the airport to go get her they had both a carrying device and an extra rider medic student. When we arrived-the 3 man crew along with our medic (and me and Grace supervising) had no problem getting her down the stairs and to the awaiting cot on the ground.

During the flight I looked back to see Grace totally asleep and wondered how much sleep she had actually gotten in the last few weeks taking care of her sister. Wow what a blessing she is. My medic signaled me later in the flight to look back to see Grace singing along with the Christian music on our headsets with her hand raised looking out at the beautiful sky praising Jesus.

We caught a delightful glimpse of Manhattan before landing in New Jersey and tucked her in at a wonderful long term care facility.

Thanks to the crew-especially my medic Adam that flew with us commercial the day before to be able to test flight Nellie in the morning before the mission, and to our deeply missed copilot Kyle (who has flown the most Grace on Wings missions but recently relocated to Oklahoma City with his new wife)-wow how awesome to be able to fly with Kyle again!!

Thanks also to our Lord in giving us this mission that we pray will be a long lasting legacy to show His love to these desperate families.

Please plan to come to our annual hog roast and rededication of our plane, Nellie, at our hangar Sept 18! See our website for more info.




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