Mission 90

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Charlotte, NC

Plainfield, IN

July 23, 2010

Mission Report

Ian F. is a 23 yo that suffered a thoracic spinal cord injury from a fall 2 1/2 months ago and has been working hard in rehab despite many setbacks. He almost lost his life when he suffered a bowel perforation and had to have emergency surgery with colostomy. He then suffered from blood clots in his extremities that traveled to his lung starving his body of oxygen. With God’s grace he has perservered and was finally able to fly from Charlotte back to live with his parents in Plainfield Indiana.

We received the request from the Carolina rehab because their Air Ambulance was only certified to fly patients under 300 pounds and Ian is 6’3″ and 350 pounds. Due to the loading mechanism we have, we are certified up to 400 pounds.

We arrived in 97degree heat in Charlotte and loaded him into Nellie without a problem. Ian is so cute in that he “relaxes” by crocheting and is the very first person to fly on Nellie and crochet! We had a little problem with his blood pressure being low, but he responded well to IV fluids.

We arrived back in our hangar at Indy and Americare Ambulance was there to meet us (they graciously donated their service to get him to his home in Plainfield.) We arrived at his house to a big welcome party of family and friends and Ian couldn’t wait to get in his wheelchair and eat some cake!

His mom had converted her downstairs office into an accessible bedroom for Ian. He still requires help to transfer but will continue to work hard in therapy at Rehab Hospital of Indiana. He has hopes of being able to drive someday.

We pray for Ian’s continued recovery and emotional strength to him and his wonderful family. Thanks for great flying by Hal and Mike, and great work by my nurse and new recruit Mark.



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