Mission 88

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Norfolk, VA

Indianpolis, In

July 9, 2010

Mission Alert

We were able to serve Holly who is a 38 year old who suffered stab wounds to the chest serving in Afghanistan in 2007 but unfortunately 6 weeks ago suffered a stroke, from a bad heart valve, while vacationing in the Outer Banks. They used the clot buster medication but she then suffered a hemorrage to her brain.

They did not give her any chance of survival and her sister flew out to be beside her and began making funeral arrangements. Being the soldier she is, and with God’s grace, she was able to survive after part of her skull was removed to allow for swelling. She had no family out in Virginia and her sister needed to move her back to Indy for rehab to be close to her. Her sister said Holly is extremely intelligent and speaks 5 languages including Farsi.

We arrived in Virginia to Holly with her sister Heather lying beside her. She was totally awake but had some weakness of her right side. She spoke easily but was confused. We loaded her into the plane after praying over her and flew over beautiful Virginia Beach before the flight controller circled us around for Indy.

We had to keep her sedated as she had a habit of biting to get her IV out and she was confused and we didn’t want her hitting her fragile skull. We flew home on a very smooth flight around some large thunderclouds. Keeney Ambulance was gracious and donated the ground ambulance from Indy airport to the awesome Rehab Hospital of Indiana, where we tucked her in. We pray for her continued recovery.

Thanks to great flying by pilots Hal and DJ, and to my medics Adam and new recruit Rick.



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