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Lacrosse, WI

Chicago, IL

July 7, 2010

Mission Report

Abby T is a 16 year old teenager that lives on a farm in Iowa. They have a huge family of 11 and 4 horses. Her favorite is a black one named “Montana” that she loves to ride. She was out with her friends 6 weeks ago when their car went off the highway and rolled into a ditch. Abby was in the back seat with her seat belt on but took most of the impact. None of her 3 friends suffered any serious injury but Abby’s neck was fractured in 5 places and her spinal cord severely damaged. She was helicoptered to Gunderson Lutheran in Lacrosse, Wisconsin as it was the nearest trauma center.

Her spine was partially stabilized with surgery and she has to wear a “halo” splint that is bolted into her skull for 3 months. She has recovered her personality, is breathing on her own and able to move her shoulders. Grace on Wings along with Children’s Miracle Network was able to get her to Chicago for further rehab and the Children’s Shriners Hospital.

She was so nervous because she and her mom had never flown before. She chewed gum the whole time to help calm her. Because she couldn’t turn her neck, we turned her on her side and Hal did a slight roll with the plane so she could see the landscape as we ascended out of Wisconsin-wow what a huge smile she had! She and her mom loved the flight and what a special place Shriner’s is.

We were stuck in Chicago traffic and I was able to share with her that even though bad things happen to us, we are assured God is in control and has His reasons for what goes on in our lives and is the ultimate healer: Mark 10:27 “With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.”

We pray for Abby’s healing and thanks to great job by Ashley my RN and Chelsea my student nurse-and to great flying again by Hal and Rusty.



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