Mission 85

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Indianapolis, IN

Dallas, TX

June 30, 2010

Mission Alert

AJ is a 17 year old from Dallas who came up to Indy to visit his dad and half-brother for Memorial Day weekend. Unfortunately him and his older brother decided to “party” and got drunk and smoked marijuana. Being in their intoxicated state, they began to wrestle and his brother put him in a “full nelson” hold and slammed him to the ground causing his neck and spinal cord to shatter. He was taken to local Frankfort hospital where he was then helicoptered out by PHI to Methodist for spine surgery. He has mad some recovery in his ability to move his neck and shoulders and can even eat but still is needed assistant by the ventilator in breathing.

With the ground ambulance donated graciously by Americare Ambulance, we were able to get an early start and his mom came along for the ride. During the 3 hour flight we had to keep adjusting his position on the cot so he could look outside the window-it’s not often you get a chartered flight just for you! When asked about the accident, he showed a heart of forgiveness toward his brother and said, “it was just an accident”.

When we arrived at his rehab center-we were surprised that half his high school class came out to greet him! His baby sister was in tears.

We tucked him in and prayed over him with his mom and took off for Omaha for mission 86!




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