Mission 84

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Springfield, MO

Chicago, Illinois

June 29, 2010

Mission Report

Robert Powers is a 76 year old Nebraska resident who was visiting his daughter in Springfield, Mo. When he was involved in a serious car accident. He was driving when a car swerved toward him on the highway. He tried to avoid the accident and unfortunately went off the road and rolled several times down a steep embankment. He was found in the backseat. He was taken to St. John’s Hospital by air ambulance. He was found to have multiple fractures and a L2 burst fracture. He required ventilator support. He was unable to be weaned fro the ventilator and was subsequently transferred to Select Specialty Hospital for ventilator weaning and strengthening.

He had plans on moving to Chicago, which is where he is from. Robert has two sons, two daughters and numerous family and friends that all live in the Chicago area.

When we arrived at Select Specialty Hospital, we found Robert and his Daughter saying there good byes to staff members. Damien and I introduced ourselves and started assessing and preparing Robert for the 1 hour and 45 min. flight. He is very anxious to get going, he motioned the ambulance staff to move the cot to his bedside so we could get going. He pointed to his bags and said “let’s go!”. His nurse stated that he had refused breakfast, he didn’t want to risk becoming airsick. He shared with me that he has only flown a few times, I ask if he was concerned about the flight and his reply was “not really, but let’s get going”.

As we exited the building, many staff members stopped us to tell Robert goodbye and wish him a safe journey. One particular staff member accompanied us out to the ambulance and she and Robert had an emotional goodbye.

We headed to the airfield where Hal and Mike had Nellie waiting and ready to go. Hal prayed over Robert and then we were on our way home.

The flight to Chicago was uneventful, Robert rested while holding on tightly to the Olive Wood Cross given to him by Grace On Wings. When we arrived at the airport, several family members were anxiously awaiting our arrival. Our Superior Ambulance crew experienced a delay with security and this allowed time for Robert to visit with several family members. It was a wonderful reunion with lots of joyful tears shed. We arrived at Roberts new rehab facility ahead of the family and found another friend waiting to see Robert. She introduce herself to us and said she was best friends with one of his daughters and had know Robert her whole life.

Robert shared with me that he was very thankful that God had blessed him with a wonderful family and many friends. He thanked us and told us what a wonderful service Grace On Wings was providing in God’s name.




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