Mission 80

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Indianapolis, In

Jasper, AL

May 17, 2010

Mission Report:

We were very excited to be able to serve a 63 year old Vietnam veteran, Jerry P, who had received a purple heart with three oak leaf cluster’s, was unfortunately neglected by his stepson and was found on the floor unkept and severely dehydrated by a neighbor. He had multiple pressure sores and ended up loosing his Left leg above the knee.

With no other family in Indiana, a caring social worker from the VA in Indy sought a way to get him to Alabama near to where his brother lived. She found Grace on Wings through the internet and was amazed that so many professionals volunteer their time for others.

When we arrived, Jerry was confused but very pleasant. He enjoyed the flight and just like a kid wouldn’t stop talking during the flight but fell asleep right before landing. Like Hal, he is a “cookie monster” and loved the in flight cookies.

While we were taking Jerry to his new care facility, Hal and Rusty were able to share our mission with a bunch of older gentlemen pilots hanging out at the airport. Amazingly, God spoke to the owner Jack Gray and he donated all of our fuel! We are always amazed at how God brings people along side to support us.

Thanks to the expert flying by Hal and Rusty, and my brilliant medic Larry.



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