Mission 79

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La Crosse, WI

Atlanta, Ga

May 14, 2010

Mission Report:

Ciara B is a 19 year old from Atlanta who went to La Crosse, WI to visit her cousins. While there she became confused and was hospitalized after her brain CT showed multiple “lesions”.

Unsure what exactly the diagnosis was, the neurosurgeon performed a brain biopsy and sent the specimens to Mayo for further diagnosis. It was decided she had a rare form of severe demylenating disease in which the insulation of the nerve dies.

She also developed an infection of the brain from the biopsy itself. After 30 days in the hospital, she showed minimal improvement and was still very confused.

We were able to get her home safely back to Atlanta, but had to keep her sedated during the flight so she wouldn’t try to get up. Her mom and family were very grateful to have her back home and we pray for her healing. Thanks to expert flying by Hal and Jim, and expert care by medic Adam and new recruits nurse Kim and EMT Joe.



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