Mission 78

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Springfield, MO

Lafayette, IN

April 28, 2010

Mission Report

Please find below your report for missions 78. Your faithful support of this ministry touches many lives like Clara.

Sometimes circumstances happen and we hurt others. I’m so glad we have the forgiveness of our Lord Jesus, but what if you have trouble forgiving yourself?

Clara A is a 68 year-old who went to Branson, Missouri from Indiana with her husband to celebrate their 52nd wedding anniversary. While exiting from the interstate to a 4 lane highway, her husband, for unknown reasons, made a sharp Left turn and then another sharp Left turn directly onto oncoming traffic. A head-on collision occured between their SUV and a Ford F150 truck. Clara was crushed. The husband was ejected and suffered facial fractures. Clara’s condition was critical.

The son says after seeing the sickening pictures, it was an act of God her life was saved. She suffered skull fracture with subdural bleed, multiple facial fractures, all her extremities where broke, her lower spine and ribs where broke, and her abdominal wall and colon was ripped by the seatbelt. Her husband had been able to make it back home a few days after the accident.

Clara’s condition was touchy but remarkably she was able to be weaned off ventilator and began to wake up after 3 weeks. She had to undergo many abdominal surgeries and most of her intestines were removed. After 12 surgeries, the doctors finally told her and her family that there was no more surgery they could do to save her bowels.

Her husband emotionally and physically could not make the trip back to Branson. Their son, who was trying to keep his job back in Indiana, commuted many times back and forth. He did not want her to die alone and she was not stable enough to survive a ground ambulance trip back home.

Their son was told about Grace on Wings from his daughter’s bus driver who had known of another patient we served. We flew out to get her on Wednesday. We were met by two sweet nurses and they told us they cried the other day when Clara plugged her trache and was able to speak. She was so excited to finally go home. Her son kissed her goodbye because he had to drive back home.

She had been given a large dose of pain medicine prior to our arrival and was somewhat sedated until we loaded her on the plane. As I placed her headset on and spoke to her-we got a huge smile. My nurse Julie commented on the song playing that said “there will be a day with no more pain”. We flew through the clear skies at night with a beautiful orange full moon rising.

We arrived in Lafayette and tucked her in. When I called her son, he had to pull over in order to truly say “thank you for all our ministry did for his mom and their family”. He will bring his father to see her the next day and I wish I was there for that sweet reunion.

May he know that God is truly in control and Clara will be without pain soon.