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Indianapolis, IN


April 18, 2010

Mission Report

God has kept us busy this week! He has asked us to serve two young teachers:

Janet H is a 36 year old teacher from a small town South of Indy. She was unfortunately diagnosed with endometrial cancer 2 years ago and is suffering from metastatic spread to her abdomen.

After surgeries and chemotherapy at the world renowned IU Cancer hospital, she was finally told there was no more that could be done. Her Mom and Dad had relocated to Sarasota after retirement 6 years ago and her wish was to be with them in her last days. We were able to fly with her Mom and Dad from Indy to a beautiful hospice home in Sarasota-just down the road from her family’s home. I called today and she is happy and has treasured the olive wood cross we gave her (Dr Milstead had made in Palestine for all our patients)-the nurse said she has told everyone about it.

Thanks to my medic Larry for excellent care and to great flying by Hal and Rusty.